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Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs

Biographical Information on
United States Chiefs of Mission

For available biographical information on U.S. Ambassadors who are currently accredited to foreign governments and who serve as heads of U.S. missions for countries within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), click on the appropriate country, or select the appropriate name from the listing.

Countries within the NEA Bureau:
Algeria Iran* Jordan Libya* Qatar Tunisia
Bahrain Iraq* Kuwait Morocco Saudi Arabia U.A.E.
Egypt Israel Lebanon Oman Syria Yemen

*No diplomatic relations

blue bullet image Bodine, Barbara K., U.S. Ambassador to Yemen
blue bullet image Burns, William Joseph, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan
blue bullet image Craig, John Bruce, U.S. Ambassador to Oman
blue bullet image Crocker, Ryan C., U.S. Ambassador to Syria
blue bullet image Fowler, Jr., Wyche, U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
blue bullet image Gabriel, Edward M., U.S. Ambassador to Morocco
blue bullet image Herbst, John E., U.S. Consul General to Jerusalem
blue bullet image Hume, Cameron R., U.S. Ambassador to Algeria
blue bullet image Indyk, Martin S., U.S. Ambassador to Israel
blue bullet image Kattouf, Theodore E., U.S. Ambassador to United Arab Emirates
blue bullet image Kurtzer, Daniel C., U.S. Ambassador to Egypt
blue bullet image Larocco, James A., U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait
blue bullet image McKune, Elizabeth D., U.S. Ambassador to Qatar
blue bullet image Raphel, Robin Lynn, U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia
blue bullet image Ricciardone, Francis J., Special Representative for Transition in Iraq
blue bullet image Satterfield, David M., U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon
blue bullet image Young, Johnny, U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain

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