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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997



POSTS CLOSED--Barranquilla, Colombia (C), Brisbane, Australia (C), Medan, Indonesia (C), Porto Alegre, Brazil (C), Stuttgart, Germany (CG), Udorn, Thailand (C), Victoria, Seychelles (E), Zurich, Switzerland (CG)

POSTS CHANGED IN RANK, STATUS, ETC.- Bombay, India (E), to Mumbai, India (CG)


Embassies (E) 162*
Branch Offices of Embassy (BO) 3
Missions (M):
USUN (New York),
    USOAS (Washington, D.C.)
    USEC (Brussels),
    ICAO (Montreal), USNATO (Brussels),
    FODAG (Rome), USOECD (Paris),
    UNEP (Nairobi), OSCE (Vienna),
    UNESCO (Observer Mission-Paris),
    UNVIE (Vienna)
    European Office of UN and Other IO (Geneva)
U.S. Interests Sections (USINT) 1
U.S. Offices (USREP) 0
Consulates General (CG) 62
Consulates (C) 13
U.S. Liaison Office (USLO) 1
Consular Agencies (CA) 45
Total 299*

*This count reflects only those countries where the United States has an established physical Mission. An additional 12 countries have U.S. Ambassadors accredited to them but no physical Mission exists. Operations have been temporarily suspended at the following post: Baghdad (1/91).

It is most important that correspondence to a Foreign Service post be addressed to a section or position rather than to an officer by name. This will eliminate delays resulting from the forwarding of official mail to officers who have transferred. Normally, correspondence concerning commercial matters should be addressed simply "Commercial Section" followed by the name and correct mailing address of the post. (See below for examples of correct mailing addresses.)


Posts with APO/FPO Numbers:

APO/FPO Address*
PSC or Unit number, Box number
APO AE 09080 or APO AA 34038 or
APO AP 96337

International Address**
Name of Person/Section
American Embassy
P.O. Box 26431***
Manama, Bahrain

Posts without APO/FPO Numbers:

Diplomatic Pouch Address*
Name of Person/Section
Name of Post
Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20521-four digit add-on
(see section for 9-digit ZIP Code explanation and listing)

International Address**
Name of Person/Section
American Embassy
Jubilaeumstrasse 93***
3005 Bern, Switzerland

NOTE: Do not combine any of the above forms (e.g., international plus APO/FPO addresses). This will only result in confusion and possible delays in delivery. Mail sent to the Department for delivery through its pouch system for posts with APO/FPO addresses cannot be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

* Use domestic postage.
** Use international postage.
*** Use street address only when P.O. box is not supplied.
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