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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


La Paz (E), Ave. Arce No. 2780 ## P.O. Box 425, La Paz, Bolivia, APO AA 34032, Tel [591] (2) 430251, Fax 433900; Direct lines: AMB (591) (2) 432524; DCM 431340; POST 1 432540; DEA 431481; CONS 433758, CON Fax 433854; USIS Tel. 432621; USAID Tel 786355, 786544, 786147, Fax 782325

AMB:Curtis Warren Kamman
AMB SEC:Karen Smith Ruiz
DCM:Robert C. Perry
POL:Stephen G. Wesche
ECO/COM:Paul B. Larsen
CON:Jeanne L. Schulz
ADM:Rosil A. Nesberg
RSO:Mark C. Boyette
PAO:Phillip Parkerson
IPO:Eileen J. Nesberg
ISM:Joseph Smith
AID:Frank Almaguer
DAO:Col. Gregory H. Landers, USAF
MILGP:Col. Roger D. Slaughter, USA
PC:Maryann Minutillo
AGR:Daryl Brehm (resident in Lima)
FAA:Santiago Garcia (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:Larry Bruce (resident in Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:Tony Kijek (resident in Miami)
IAGS:John Tomasovich
DEA:William E. Ledwith
ICITAP:Lawrence De Coste (Acting)
NAS:J. Richard Baca
DCMCI:Donald L. Wade
IRS:Fred Dulas (resident in Santiago)

Cochabamba (CA), Avenida Libertador Bolivar 1724; Tel. [591] (2) 42-43216

CA:William Scarborough

Santa Cruz (CA), 313 Calle Ballivian, Esq. con Chuquisaca; Tel. 03-33-0725/32554

CA:Marilyn J. McKenney

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