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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Brasilia (E), Avenida das Nacoes, Lote 3 ## Unit 3500, APO AA 34030, Tel [55] (61) 321-7272, Fax 225-9136 (State); COM Fax 225-9136; USIS Fax 321-2833, Telex 1091 and 61-2318

AMB:Melvyn Levitsky
AMB SEC:Betty Taylor
DCM:Lacy Wright, Jr.
POL:Theodore Wilkinson III
ECO:Paul H. Wackerbarth
COM:Americo Tadeu
CON:Layton Russell
ADM:Robert D. Austin, Jr.
RSO:John C. Murphy
PAO:Carl Howard
IMO:Michael Buccellato
SCI:Xenia V. Wilkinson
ISM:Thomas Smith
AID:Edward Kadunc
DAO:Col. Layton G. Dunbar, USA
MLO:Col. James Bjork, USAF
AGR:Herbert F. Rudd
NAS:Arthur Muirhead
FAA:Santiago Garcia (resident in Miami)

Rio de Janeiro (CG), Avenida Presidente Wilson, 147 Castelo, Rio de Janeiro-RJ 20030-020 ## Unit 3501, APO AA 34030, Tel [55] (21) 292-7117, Fax 220-0439; USIS Fax 262-1820, USIS Telex 22831, Fax 262-5131

CG:Cristobal R Orozco
ECO/POL:Robert Taylor
COM:Dar-Jalane Pribyl
CON:Ronald Sinclair
ADM:Christopher A. Lambert
RSO:Jackson Booth
IPO:Archie McLaughlin, Jr.
BPAO:Michael Hahn
DAO:Cdr. Mark Gabrynowicz
MLO:LCdr. Michael Rabang
RES:Curtis M. Stewart
AGR:Shackford Pitcher (resident in Brasilia)
VOA:George D. Meek
LOC:Pamela Howard-Reguindin

Sao Paulo (CG), Rua Padre Joao Manoel, 933, 01411001 ## P.O. Box 8063, APO AA 34030, Tel [55] (11) 881-6511, Fax 852-5154; USIS Telex 31574, Fax 852-1395

CG:Melissa Wells
DPO/ECO:Gilbert J. Donahue
POL:Bruce Williamson
CON:Linda L. Donahue
COM:Miguel Pardo De Zela
ADM:Stephen Hogard
RSO:Michael K. Brown
BPAO:L. W. Koengeter
IPO:Jeffrey Eckert
AGR:Robert K. Hoff
IRS:Frederick Dulas (resident in Santiago)

Commercial Office (Trade Center), Rua Estados Unidos, 1812, Sao Paulo, S.P. 01427-002, Tel [55] (11) 853-2011/2411/2728, Fax 853-2744, Telex 011-25274

COM:Miguel Pardo De Zela

Porto Alegre (C), Rua Coronel Genuino, 421 (9th Fl.) ## Unit 3504, APO AA 34030, Tel [55] (51) 226-4288, 226-4177, 211-1666, Fax 221-2213; USIS Telex 2292, Fax 221-6212

PO:Thomas Scaletta (Acting)

Recife (C), Rua Goncalves Maia, 163 ## APO AA 34030, Tel [55] (81) 421-2441 or 5644, Emergency Tel 421-3551, Fax 231-1906; USIS Tel [55] 81-421-3551, Fax 421-5535

PO:Earl Irving
CON:Kellie Ann Meiman
BPAO:Dale Prince

Commercial and Agricultural offices are also located at: Belo Horizonte (USIS and COM Branch), Rua Fernades Tourinho 147-14th Fl., 302112-000, Belo Horizonte MG, Tel. [55] (31) 281-7271, Fax 281-6551

COM:R. Larry Farris

Belem (CA), Rua Oswaldo Cruz 165 66, 017-090 Belem, Para, Brazil, Tel 55-91-223-0800/0413, Fax 091-223-0413, Telex 91-1092

CA:Christine Serrao

Fortaleza (CA), Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos, Rua Nogueria Acioly, 891, Aldeota, Fortaleza, Brazil; Tel [55] (85) 221-1539, Fax 252-1561

CA:Marilyn Nations

Manaus (CA), Rua Recife 1010, 67, 057, Amazonas, Brazil, Tel [55] (92) 234-4546, Fax (92) 234-4546

CA:James R. Fish

Salvador da Bahia (CA), Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhaes S/N-Ed. Cidadella Center 1, Sala 410, 40, 275-440 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Tel [55] 071-358-9166, Telex 712780, Fax 071-351-0717

CA:Heather M. Marques

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