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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Riga (E), Raina Boulevard 7, LV-1510, Riga, Latvia ## PSC 78, Box R, APO AE 09723, Tel [371] (2) 721-0005 or [371] (2) 782-0046; IDD 782-0046; afterhours Tel [371] (2) 722-2349, AmEmb Fax [371] (2) 722-6530 or 782-0047; IDD Fax 782-0047; USIS Tel [371] (2) 721-6571, USIS Fax [371] (2) 721-6478 or 782-0077; IDD Tel 782-0277, Fax 782-0077; USAID Tel [371] (2) 702-7541, USAID Fax [371] (2) 783-0067; IDD Tel 783-0068, Fax 783-0067; MLT Tel [371] (2) 732-6298, MLT Fax [371] (2) 783-0222; IDD Fax 783-0222; PC Tel [371] (2) 721-1054, PC Fax [371] (2) 721-2187; IDD Fax 782-0128

AMB: Larry C. Napper
AMB SEC: Marcia W. Vajay
DCM/POL: Douglas B. Wake
ECO: Constance A. Phlipot
COM: Peter Frederick (resident in Stockholm)
CON: Robert Tatge
IPO: Marc Beroud
ADM: Susan Lee Pazina
GSO: Gyorgy Vajay
AID: Howard Handler
PAO: Phillip R. Ives
RSO: Kevin O'Neil (resident in Tallinn)
AGR: Robert C. Tetro (resident in Stockholm)
FAA: Carl Burleson (resident in London)
DAO: Maj. Thomas C. Braden, USMC
SAO: Ltc. Victor Bunde
PC: Baudouin de Marcken
EST: Stephanie Smith Kinney (resident in Copenhagen)
MLT: Col. Roger Allen
IRS: Margaret Lullo (resident in Bonn)

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