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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Lima (E), Avenida Encalada, Cuadra 17, Monterrico, Lima ## P.O. Box 1995, Lima 1, or American Embassy (Lima), APO AA 34031-5000, Tel [51] (1) 434-3000, Fax 434-3037, afterhours Tel 434-3030, (RNX: 549-0000 or 549-Four digit ext.); ADM: Larrabure Y Unanue 110, Lima 1, X2433, Fax 434-3066; APHIS x2627, Fax 434-3043; DAO x2421, Fax 434-0117; DEA x2489, Fax 434-3054; FAS x2491, FAX 434-3043; FCS x2442, FAX 434-3041; GSO x2438, FAX 434-3066; MAAG x2291, Fax 434-1199; Namrid x2843, Fax 561-2034; NIMA x2826, Fax 476-3618; USAID Larrabure y Unanue 110, Lima 1, x2983 or 433-3200, Fax 433-7034; USIS: Larrabure Y Unanue 110, Lima 1, x2573, Fax 434-1299

AMB: Dennis C. Jett
AMB SEC: Guadalupe Yameogo
DCM: James F. Mack
POL: Jimmie E. Wagner
ORA: Donald Arabian
ECO: John R. Riddle
COM: Ann Bacher
CON: Thomas L. Holladay
ADM: Alphonse Lopez
RSO: Anthony Walters
IMO: Richard L. Gunn
PAO: Frederick La Sor
AID: Eric Zallman
DEA: Edmundo Apodaca
DAO: Capt. William R. Bennett, Jr., USN
MAAG: Col. Manuel Fuentes, USA
NAMRID: Cpt. Mark Wooster, USN
NIMA: Eduardo Elinan
PCS: Ann Bacher
AGR: Daryl Brehm
IPO: Joe Deroche
APHIS: Wilmer Snell
FAA: Victor Tamariz (resident in Miami)
LEGATT: David W. Schrimp (resident in Montevideo)
NAS: John M. Crow
IRS: Frederick Dulas (resident in Santiago)

Cuzco (CA), Avenida Tullumayo 125; Tel. 23-3541, 23-9451, 22-4112

CA: Olga Villagarcia

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