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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Moscow (E), Novinskiy Bul'var 19/23 ## APO/AE 09721, Tel [7] (095) 252-2451 thru 59, Telex 413160 USGSO SU, Fax 956-4261, emergency afterhours 12 am - 8 am local 956-4421/22/24; USAID Tel 956-4281, Fax 956-7092/93; USIS Tel 956-4126, USIS Culture 956-4456; USIS Press 956-4238, Fax 255-9766

AMB: (Vacant)
CHG: John F. Tefft
AMB EXEC ASST: Jan Van Der Zalm
POL: John M. Ordway
ECO: Clifford Bond
COM: John Peters
CON: Michael W. Marine
ADM: John O'Keefe
RSO: Tony Bell
PAO: Robert R. Gosende
IMO: John P. Boulanger
IPO: Millard Rollins
ISM: Kent W. Huff
EST: John C. Zimmerman
AID: James A. Norris
DAO: Bg. John C. Reppert, USA
PC: Douglas W. Frago
AGR: Asif Chaudhry (Acting)
ATO: Robert Walker
FAA: Dennis B. Cooper
FAA/CASLO: Allan Hurr (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO: Jim Coffey (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB: Jeanine Collins
FIN: James Wallar
IRS: Margaret Lullo (resident in Bonn)
FBIS: Maureen E. Cote
INS: Anne Corsano
VOA: Pete Heinlein
NASA: Douglas Englund
DOE: Robin J. Copeland
LES: Tom Robertson
LEGATT: J. Michael Di Pretoro

US and Foreign Commercial Service (Moscow), Novinskiy Bul'var 15, Tel [7] (095) 956-4255, 255-4848/4660 or (502) 244-1105, Fax 230-2101, 224-1106

DIR: John Peters

St. Petersburg (CG), Furshtadtskaya Ulitsa 15, 191028 St. Petersburg, Russia ## PSC 78, Box L, APO AE 09723, Tel [7] (812) 275-1701, Fax 110-7022; Exec Off fax 275-3291; GSO fax 275-1738; afterhours Tel 274-8692, Emergency Tel 271-6455

US Foreign Commercial Service, American Consulate General, Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa 57, 190000 St. Petersburg, [7] (812) 110-6656 or 110-6727 Fax 110-6479 ## Mail from the U.S.: American Consulate General, FCS, PSC 78, Box L, APO AE 09723

USIS: The American Center, Millionnaya Ulitsa 5/1, 191186 St. Petersburg, Tel [7] (812) 311-8905 or 325-8050, Fax 325-8052

CG: John Evans
DPO: Jeffrey Garrison
POL/ECO: Janet Speck
COM: David Schneider
CON: Richard Adams
ADM: Susan Garrison
GSO: Gary R. Alexander
RSO: Christopher Culver
BPAO: Mary Kruger
IPO: Edgar Ruiz

Vladivostok (CG), Ulitsa Pushkinskaya 32, Vladivostok, Russia, 690000 ## Pouch address: AmConGen Vladivostok, Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 20521-5880, Tel [7] (4232) 30-00-70 (Note: if calling from the U.S., and the U.K., dial 7-501-4232), 30-00-70, 30-00-72, Fax (7) (4232) 30-00-72 (if faxing from the U.S. or U.K.: 30-00-72); CON Fax 30-00-91 (if faxing from the U. S. or U.K.: 30-00-91); COM Tel 300-093, Fax 300-092; USIS Tel 26-70-17, Fax 30-00-95 (if faxing from the U.S. or U.K., 30-00-95); FCS Tel. 30-00-93, Fax 30-00-92, Sat. Fax (7-509) B51-1211; PEACE CORPS Tel 310-940, Fax 310-902

CG: Jane Miller Floyd
POL/ECO: Christopher R. Davis
ADM: Edward D. Booth
CON: (Vacant)
COM: Timothy J. Smith
BPAO: Mary F. Speer
PC: Helen Wheeler

Yekaterinburg (CG), Ulitsa Gogolya 15A ## P.O. Box 400, 620151 Yekaterinburg AmConGen Yekaterinburg, Dept. of State, Wash., D.C., 20521-5890, Telex 612-696 CONS SU, Tel [7] (3432) 564619, 564691, Fax [7] (3432) 564-515; COM 564736; CON 564744; USIS 564760

CG: Howard J. T. Steers
POL/ECO/COM: Jonathan S. Turak
ADM: Warren D. Hadley
CON: Brook E. Hefright

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