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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Singapore (E), 30 Hill St., Singapore 0617 ## FPO AP 96534, Tel (65) 338-0251, Fax (65) 338-4550

AMB: Timothy A. Chorba
AMB SEC: Virginia Ann Crawford
DCM: Emil M. Skodon
ECO/POL: William T. Monroe
COM: David W. Fulton
CON: David T. Donahue
ADM: Joseph Hilliard, Jr.
GSO: Martin P. Hohe
RSO: Mark S. Etelamaki
PAO: Michael H. Anderson
IMO: Harry W. Lumley
RMO: Dr. Bernard C. Meyer
DAO: Capt. Terry S. Douglas, USN
AUDITOR: Richard C. Thabet
ATO: Dale L. Good
SAO: Ltc. Michael S. Kaufhold, USAF
CUS: Donald K. Shruhan, Jr.
RPSO: James E. Tyckoski
DEA: Larry M. Hahn
FAA: David Knudson
FAA/CASIFO: Robert P. Jensen
FAA/ILO: Craig Beard
IRS: Shirley Sherwood

USIS/American Center MPH Building, Level 4, 71-77 Stamford Road, Singapore 0617, Tel [65] 334-0910, Fax 334-2780; Commercial Services and Library, 1 Colombo Court, Unit #05-16 Colombo Ct., Building, North Bridge Road, Singapore 0617, Tel 338-9722, Fax 338-5010, Telex RS25079 (SINGTC), Fax 338-5010; AGR/ATO OFF, 541 Orchard Road ## Unit 08-04, Liat Towers Bldg., Singapore 0923, Tel [65] 737-1233, Fax 732-8307

USAID/RIG/A, 111 North Bridge Road, No. 17-03 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 0617, Tel [65] 334-2766, Fax 334-2541

FAA, Changi Airport Terminal 2, South Finger, 4th fl., Security ## Unit 048-002, International Area Office Director and Field Office, Unit 048-006, Singapore 1781, Tel [65] 543-1466, 545-5822, Fax 543-1952 or 545-9722

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