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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Pretoria (E), 877 Pretorius St., Arcadia 0083 ## P.O. Box 9536, Pretoria 0001, Tel [27] (12) 342-1048, Fax 342-2244; USIS Tel 342-3006, Fax 342-2090; AID Tel 323-8869, Fax 323-6443

AMB: James A. Joseph
AMB SEC: Barbara Beckwith
DCM: Robert M. Pringle
POL: Reed Fendrick
ECO: Ann R. Berry
COM: Millard W. Arnold, Jr. (resident in Johannesburg)
CON: Michael O'Hare
ADM: Michael J. Hinton
RSO: Richard H. Klingenmaier
MNL: Lee A. Brudvig
IMO: Harold Spake
PAO: Robert R. Lagamma
EST: Kenneth A. Thomas
AID: Aaron Williams
FAA: Ronald L. Montgomery (resident in Dakar)
DAO: Col. Keith A. Betsch, USA
AGR: Dr. Besa L. Kotati
IRS: Stanley Beesley (resident in London)

Cape Town (CG), Broadway Industries Centre, Heerengracht, Foreshore, Tel [27] (21) 21-4280, ADM, CG, POL/ECO, ECO/COM Fax 25-4151, CON Fax 25-3014; USIS Tel 461-0583, Fax 461-3603

CG: David C. Pierce
POL/ECO: Ronald K. Mc Mullen
ECO/COM: Matthew A. Meyer
CON: Evan T. Hough
IPO: Earle S. Greene
ADM: Stephanie L. Brown
ARSO: Daniel M. Wutrich
BPAO: Janet E. Garvey

Durban (CG), Durban Bay House, 29th Fl., 333 Smith St., Tel [27] (31) 304-4737, Fax 301-8206; USIS Tel 305-5068, Fax 304-2847

CG: Frederick C. Hassani
CON: Scott I. Hamilton
BPAO: Paul Denig

Johannesburg (CG), Kine Centre 11th Fl., Commissioner and Kruis Sts. ## P.O. Box 2155, Tel [27] (11) 331-1681, Fax 331-1327; USIS Tel 838-2231, Fax 838-3920; COM Tel 331-3937, Fax 331-6178

CG: Gregory W. Engle
ECO: Steven J. Kirkwood
COM: Daniel Harris
CON: John R. Nay
ADM: Michael H. Scanlon
IPO: James E. Barclay
BPAO: William J. Weinhold
LAB: John S. Sequeira
SCO: Daniel Harris

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