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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Bern (E), Jubilaeumstrasse 93, 3005 Bern, Tel [41] (31) 357-7011, Telex (845) 912603, Fax 357-7344; CPU 357-7201; USIS Fax 357-7379; COM Fax 357-7336; FAS Fax 357-7363; DAO Fax 357-7381

AMB: Madeleine May Kunin
AMB SEC: Patricia S. Kozlowski
CHG: Michael C. Polt
POL/ECO: L. Allen Nelsen
COM: James Joy
CON: Justice B. Stevens
ADM: Clyde L. Jardine, Jr.
AGR: Kenneth Roberts (resident in Geneva/USTR)
RSO: Peter D. Ford
PAO: Samuel S. Westgate III
IPO: James A. Harrison
DAO: Col. Robert H. McBride, USA
IRS: Frederick D. Pablo (resident in Paris)
FAA: Tony Fazio (resident in Paris)

US Mission to the European Office of the UN and Other International Organizations (Geneva), Mission Permanente Des Etats-Unis, Route de Pregny 11, 1292 Chambesy-Geneva, Switzerland, Tel [41] (22) 749-4111, Telex 412865 USGV, Fax 749-4880

CM: Daniel L. Spiegel
EXEC ASST: Linda O. Swafford
DCM: Leslie A. Gerson
IEA (ECO): Kristie A. Kenney
COM: Jeffrey Kushan
PSA (POL): Robert G. Loftis
REFUGEE/MIG AFF: William R. Brownfield
LEGAL ATT: Edward R. Cummings
EST: William R. McPherson
ADM: J. Michael O'Brien
PAO: Cornelius Walsh
RSO: Kevin P. O'Neil
LAB: Nicholas A. Stigliani
IMO: M. Audrey Anderson
ISM: Lynn E. Cramer

US Trade Representative (USTR), Botanic Bldg., 1-3 Avenue de la Paix, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland, Tel [41] (22) 749-4111, Fax [41] (22) 749-5308

CM: Booth Gardner
DCM: Andrew L. Stoler
COM: Jeffrey Kushen
AGR: Kenneth Roberts

US Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament (CD), U.S. Mission Bldg., Route de Pregny 11, 1292 Chambesy-Geneva, Tel [41] (22) 749-4407, Fax 749-4833

US REP: Stephen J. Ledogar
REP SEC: Angela M. Agustoni
DEP REP: James H. Madden
EXEC SEC: John H. King
ACDA REP: Katharine Crittenberger
DOE REP: Dorothy Donnelly
JCS REP: Capt. Greg Meyer, USN
MISSION REP: Keith Hansen
OSD REPS: Brian Knapp; Col. David Evans, USAF
STATE REP: Edward Ifft

Geneva (CA), Botanic Building 1-3 Avenue de la Paix, 1202 Geneva; Tel. (0) 41-22-738-7613; Fax 41-22-749-5388

CA: John Kermisch

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