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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives
June 1997


Ankara (E), 110 Ataturk Blvd. ## PSC 93, Box 5000, APO AE 09823, Tel [90] (312) 468-6110, Fax 467-0019; ADMIN/ECO Fax 468-6138; GSO Fax 467-0057; PER Fax 467-8847; POL Fax 468-4775; CON Fax 468-6131; USIS Tel 468-6102 thru 6106, Fax 467-3624 (EXEC OFF) and 468-6145; FAS Fax 467-0056; FCS/COM Fax 467-1366

AMB: Marc Grossman
AMB SEC: Hulya Kilgore
DCM: Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr.
POL: Richard McKee
POL/MIL: Bruce E. Thomas
ECO: Scott F. Kilner
COM: James M. Wilson
CON: Randall V. Biggers
ADM: William A. Eaton
GSO: Joanne M. Thompson
RSO: John B. McKennan
PAO: David L. Arnett
RAO: Hugh J. Turner, Jr.
IMO: Franklin B. Pressley, Jr.
AGR: Mark S. Sloan
FAA: Steven B. Wallace (resident in Rome)
LAB: Henry F. Webb, Jr.
DAO: Col. James M. Carlin, USAF
ODC: Brig. Gen. John Welde
IRS: Larry LeGrand (resident in Rome)

Istanbul (CG), 104-108 Mesrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebasi ## PSC 97, Box 0002, APO AE 09827-0002, Tel [90] (212) 251 3602, Telex 24077 ATOT-TR; GSO Fax 251-2554; FCS/COM Fax 252-2417; CON Fax 252-7851

CG: Carolyn R. Huggins
POL: Stephen C. Kimmel
ECO: Christopher H. Jones
COM: Jeremy Keller
CON: Betty H. McCutchan
ADM: Christopher L. Stillman
RSO: (Vacant)
BPAO: Donald Terpstra
IPO: (Vacant)

Adana (C), Ataturk Caddesi ## PSC 94, APO AE 09824, Tel [90] (322) 454-2145, 453-9106, 454-3774, Fax 457-6591

PO: Elizabeth W. Shelton
POL/ECO: Joseph S. Pennington
ADM/CON: Jennifer A. McIntyre

Izmir (CA), PSC 88 Box 5000, APO AE 09821; Tel. [90] 232-441-0072 and 441-2203; Fax [90] 232-441-2373

CA: Jale Kaptaner

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