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U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of State
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U.S. Department of State


Ottawa, Ontario (E)
100 Wellington St., K1P 5T1
P.O. Box 5000, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-0430,
Tel (613) 238-5335 or 238-4470, Fax 238-5720;
COM Fax 233-8511

AMB SEC:Joanne P. Holliday
CHG:James G. Weston
POL:Christine D. Shelly
ECO:Vladmir P. Sambaiew
COM:Dale V. Slaght
CON:Nancy H. Sambaiew
ADM:Ned W. Arcement
RSO:Michael G. Considine
PAO:Gail J. Gulliksen
IMO:Steve A. Lauderdale
EST:Susan M. Lysyshyn
DAO:Col. David W. Eberly
AGR:Lyle J. Sebranek
DEA:Benny Mangor
LAB:John H. Miller
CUS:Richard Mercier
IRS:Patricia Fong

Calgary, Alberta (CG)
Suite 1050, 615 Macleod Trail, S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 4T8,
Tel (403) 266-8962, Fax 264-6630; COM Fax 264-6630

CG:Richard V. Fisher
CON:Celio F. Sandate
ADM:Deirdre Warner-Kramer

Halifax, Nova Scotia (CG)
Suite 910, Cogswell Tower, Scotia Sq., Halifax, NS, Canada B3J 3K1,
Tel (902) 429-2482, Fax 423-6861; COM Fax (902) 429-7690

CG:R. Bruce Ehrnman
CON:Laurence E. Tobey
COM:Richard W. Vinson

Montreal, Quebec (CG)
P.O. Box 65, Postal Station Desjardins, H5B 1G1
P.O. Box 847, Champlain, NY 12919-0847,
Tel (514) 398-9695, Fax 398-0973, 398-0711

CG:Eleanor W. Savage
ECO:Richard G. Johnson
COM:Andrew Tangalos
ADM:Mary K. Ryan
BPAO:Susan E. Brandt
IPO:Arthur Pollik

US Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),
Suite 14.10, 999 University St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C-5J9,
Tel (514) 954-8304, Fax 954-8021

US REP: Carol J. Carmody
DEP US REP:James H. Loos
ALT US REP:Jack P. Orlando

Quebec, Quebec (CG)
2 Place Terrasse Dufferin, C.P. 939, G1R 4T9
P.O. Box 1547, Champlain, NY 12919-1547,
Tel (418) 692-2095, Fax 692-4640

CG:Stephen Kelly
CON:Frederick A. Smith

Toronto, Ontario (CG)
360 University Ave., M5G 1S4
P.O. Box 135, Lewiston, NY 14092-0135,
Tel (416) 595-1700, Fax 595-0051; CON Fax 595-5466

CG:Gregory L. Johnson
CG SEC:Judith A. Franco
ECO:Frank W. Ostrander
COM:Stephan Wasylko
CON:Antoinette S. Marwitz
ADM:Robert F. Ensslin
BPAO:Richard W. Stites
INS:John T. Smarsh

Vancouver, British Columbia (CG)
1095 West Pender St., V6E 2M6
P.O. Box 5002, Point Roberts, WA 98281-5002,
Tel (604) 685-4311, Fax 685-5285; COM Fax 687-6095

CG:Judson L. Bruns III
ECO:William T. Fleming, Jr.
COM:John W. Avard
CON:Barbara C. Cummings
BPAO:Karl H. Fritz

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