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U.S. Department of State


New Delhi (E)
Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri 110021, Tel [91] (11) 688-9033, 611-3033; Telex 031-82065 USEM IN; AM EMB Fax [91] (11) 419-0017; COM Fax 687-2391; USIS Tel 331-6841 or 4251, Fax 332-9499; USAID Tel 686-5301; Fax 686-8594, 686-8352; 688-6012

AMB SEC:Penelope R. O'Brien
DCM:Matthew P. Daley
ECO/EST:Douglas A. Hartwick
COM:Jonathan M. Bensky
CON:Wayne S. Leininger
RSO:Robert R. Brand, Jr.
PAO:E. Ashley Wills
DEA:Michael F. Fredericks
AID:Linda Morse
DAO:Col. Russell V. Olson, Jr., USA
AGR:Thomas Pomeroy
LAB:Eugene D. Price, Jr.
INS:Brian J. Vaillancourt
DSA:Capt. Frederick L. Miller, (Acting), USA
FAA:David L. Knudson (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASIFO:Ronald N. Reynolds (resident in Manama)
FAA/CASLO:Richard J. Moore (resident in Manama)
IRS:Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)

Mumbai (CG)
Lincoln House, 78 Bhulabhai Desai Rd. 400026, Tel [91] (22) 363-3611, Telex 011-75425 ACON IN, USIS Tel 262-4590; Fax 363-0350; COM Fax 262-3850

CG:Franklin Huddle, Jr.
POL/ECO:Andrew R. Young
DPO/CON:Clyde Bishop
COM:John S. Wood
CON:Philip S. Covington
ADM:Thomas Burke
BPAO:Joseph J. Brennig
DEA:James V. Allen
IPO:Robert K. Klawansky

Calcutta (CG)
5/1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Calcutta 700071, Tel [91] (33) 282-3611 through 282-3615, 282-2336 through 282-2337; Telex 021-5982; ACON IN Fax 282-2335; COM Fax 282-2335; USIS Tel 245-1211; USIS Fax 245-1616

CG:Cheryl J. Sim
CON:Thomas H. Lloyd
ADM:Eric W. Stromayer
BPAO:Janey D. Cole

Madras (CG)
220 Mount Rd., 600006, Tel [91] (44) 827-3040/827-7542/7835, Fax 825-0240; CON Fax 826-2538; COM Fax 827-6580; USIS Fax 826-3407; COM Bangalore: W-202, II Fl., West Wing "Sunrise Chambers," 22 Ulsoor Rd., Bangalore 560042, Tel [91}(80) 558-1452, Fax 558-3630

CG:Michele J. Sison
POL/ECO:Robert Silberstein
COM:David W. Hunter
CON:Laura L. Livingston
ADM:Lee M. Carter
BPAO:Thomas D. Gradisher
IPO:Donald H. Beu

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