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U.S. Department of State


Brussels (E)
27 Boulevard du Regent, B-1000 Brussels
PSC 82, Box 002, APO AE 09710, Tel [32] (2) 508-2111, Fax [32] (2) 511-2725; COM Fax 512-6653; direct-in-dial: Amb [32] (2) 508-2444; Amb sec 508-2444; DCM 508-2446; POL 508-2475; ECO 508-2448; COM 508-2425; CON 508-2382; ADM 508-2350; RSO 508-2370; PAO 508-2412; IMO 508-2200; DAO 508-2505; ODC 508-2664; FAS 508-2437; FAA 508-2703

AMB: Alan J. Blinken
AMB SEC: Roberta E. Viggiano
DCM: Martin L. Chesnes
POL: Robyn Hinson-Jones
ECO: Anne E. Derse
COM: George W. Knowles
CON: Ted W. Halstead
ADM: Mary C. Pendleton
RSO: Douglas J. Rosenstein
PAO: Laurence D. Wohlers
IMO: David W. Smith
DAO: Col. Jeffrey L. Donald
ODC: Col. Richard I. Kearsley, USAF
FAS: Steven D. Yoder (resident in The Hague)
FAA: Patrick N. Poe
IRS: Frederick Pablo (resident in Paris)
LAB: Harry J. O‚Hara

US Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (USNATO)
Autoroute de Zaventem, B-1110 Brussels
PSC 81 APO AE 09724, Tel [32] (2) 724-3111, Fax 724-3403; USIS Fax 726-9368; direct in dial: Amb Tel [32] (02) 724-3230; Amb sec Tel 724-3230; DCM Tel 724-3232; DEF ADV Tel 724-3218; POL/ECO Tel 724-3226; USIS Tel 724-3237; ADMIN Tel 724-3240; IMO Tel 724-3244

US PERM REP: Alexander R. Vershbow
PERM REP SEC: Regina D. Olton
DEP PERM/ REP/DCM: Douglas L. McElhaney
DEF ADV: Robert B. Hall
POL/ECON ADV: William T. Harris
PUB AFF ADV: Elizabeth B. Pryor
ADM ADV: Henry M. Reed II
IMO: Paul R. Million

US Mission to the European Union (USEU)
40 Blvd. du Regent, B-1000 Brussels
APO AE 09724, Tel [32] (2) 508-2222, Fax 502-8117; COM Fax 513-1228; direct in dial: AMB [32] (2) 508-2750; AMB SEC 508-2751; DCM 508-2752; POL 508-2790; ECO 508-2780; PAO 508-2774; FAS 508-2760; CUS 508-2770; TRADE 508-2780; LAB 508-2773; COM 508-2746; TREAS 508-2668; NAS 508-2667; AID 508-2636; SCI TECH AFF 508-2781; APHIS 508-2762; ADM 508-2665

AMB: A. Vernon Weaver
AMB SEC: Catherine E. Allen
DCM: Donald B. Kursch
POL: Robert W. Becker
ECO: Michael F. Gallagher
PAO: Veda B. Wilson
FAS: Mary E. Revelt
CUS: Robert E. Mall
TRADE: Nancy J. Adams
LAB: James H. Glenn
COM: Kenneth Moorefield
TREAS: Gregory J. Berger
NAS: (Vacant)
EST: Colin S. Helmer
APHIS: Alejandro B. Thiermann
JUST: Drew C. Arena
AID: Laurier Mailloux
ADM: Jennifer L. Cathcart

European Logistical Support Office (ELSO - Antwerp)
Noorderlaan 147, BUS 12A, B-2030 Antwerp
APO AE 09710, Tel [32] (3) 542-4775, Fax [32] (03) 542-6567, Telex 34964

DIR: Robert A. Sarofeen
DEP DIR: Olga P. Murphy

SHAPE Belgium
APO AE 09705, Tel [32] (65) 445-000

POLAD: Michael L. Durkee
DEP POLAD: Col. Marc Morgan, USA

June 1998 Key Officers
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