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U.S. Department of State


Bandar Seri Begawan (E)
Third Floor - Teck Guan Plaza, Jalan Sultan, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam PSC 470 (BSB), FPO AP 96534-0001, Emb Tel [673] (2) 229-670, Fax [673] (2) 225-293; Amb direct line 240-763; DCM direct line 241-645; COM Fax 226-523; STU III Fax 240-761. Internet addresses: (1) Exec Off is amembbsb@brunet.bn (2) PAO is bsbeagle@pl.brunet.bn (3) COM is TBA

AMB: Glen R. Rase
AMB SEC: Sheryl L. Strance
DCM: William H. Moore
ADM/CON: George T. Novinger
IPO/GSO: Joseph E. Davenport
DATT: Col. Chrisopher Hill, USA (resident in Singapore)
ODC: Col. Robert C. McAdams, USA (resident in Singapore)
RMO: Dr. Bernard Meyer (resident in Singapore)
PER: Florita Sheppard (resident in Singapore)
FAS: Dale Good (resident in Singapore)
FAA: Eugene Hamory (resident in Singapore)
CUS: Donald K. Shruhan, Jr. (resident in Singapore)
IRS: Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)
PAO: Charles Barclay (resident in Kuala Lumpur)
BFO: Laticia Macapinlac (resident in Kuala Lumpur)
RSO:ames Ferguson (resident in Kuala Lumpur)

June 1998 Key Officers
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