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U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of State
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U.S. Department of State


Santo Domingo (E)
corner of Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson and Calle Leopoldo Navarro
Unit 5500, APO AA 34041-5500, Tel [809] 221-2171, afterhours Tel 221-8100, Fax 686-7437; CON Tel 221-5511, Fax 685-6959; AID Tel 221-1100, Fax 221-0444; INS Tel 221-0113, Fax 221-0110; PC Tel 685-4102, Fax 686-3241. IVG nos.: 848-0000 or 848 + 4 + 3-digit ext.: Exec ext. 200, Fax 686-4326; ADM ext. 255, Fax 686-7166; FCS ext. 400, Fax 688-4838; USIS ext. 486, Fax 541-1828; DEA ext. 381, Fax 685-7507; DAO ext. 220, Fax 687-5222; MAAG ext. 487, Fax 682-3991; APHIS ext. 357, Fax 686-0979; FAS ext. 344, Fax 685-4743

AMB: (Vacant)
AMB SEC: (Vacant)
CHG: Linda E. Watt
ECON/POL: Paul Larson
FCS: Robert L. Farris
CON: Edwin P. Cubbison
PAO: Merrie D. Blocker
ADM: Harry A. Blanchette
RSO: Gary Gibson
IMO: Frederick M. Armand
IPO: Donald P. Clayton
AID: Edward Kadunc
DEA: Efrain de Jesus
INS: Maria Aran
DAO: Ltc. George W. Murray, USMC
MAAG: Ltc. Timothy O‚Hagan, USAF
TAT: Maria Leos
APHIS: Osvaldo Perez-Ramos
FAS: Kevin Smith
PC: Natalie S. Woodward
IRS: Daniel Dietz (resident in Mexico City)
FAA: Ruben Quinones (resident in Miami)
NAS: Guido del Prado (resident in Miami)

Puerto Plata (CA)
Calle Beller 51, 2nd Fl., Office No. 6; Tel. [809] 586-4204, Sousa Office Tel 571-3880

CA: William G. Kirkman

June 1998 Key Officers
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