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U.S. Department of State


Paris (E)
2 Avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08
PSC 116, APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (1) 4312-2222. AMEMB Fax 4266-9783; AMB/AMB SEC 4312-2700; DCM 4312-2800; POL 4312-2783; ECO 4312-2654; COM 4312-2383, COM Fax 4312-2172; CON 4312-4708; ADM 4312-2009; RSO 4312-2119; FSC (RAMC) 4312-7054; PAO 4312-4898; IMO 4312-2141; EST 4312-2563; DAO 4312-2682; ODC 4312-4695; AGR 4312-2277; LAB 4312-2393; CUS 4312-7400; FAA 4312-2225; FAA/CASLO 4312-2629; FIN 4312-2446; IRS 4312-4560

AMB: Felix G. Rohatyn
AMB SEC: Alice C. Hogan
DCM: W. Robert Pearson
POL: Michael E. Parmly
ECO: John Medeiros
COM: Emilio F. Iodice
CON: Larry Colbert
ADM: William J. Hudson
RSO: Andrew J. Colantonio
FSC (RAMC): Robert J. McAnneny
PAO: Christopher Snow
IMO: Philip M. Tinney
EST: Anthony F. Rock
DAO: Col. Peter F. Herrly, USA
ODC: Capt. Prima A.E. Morris, USN
AGR: Mattie R. Sharpless
LAB: William W. Jordan III
CUS: Paul D. Beaulieu
DEA: Willis W. Ward
FAA: Anthony F. Fazio
FAA/CASLO: David B. Hobbs
FIN: Stephen P. Donovan
IRS: Frederick D. Pablo
USSS: Patrick C. Miller
LEGATT: Thomas J. Baker

US Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (USOECD)
19 rue de Franqueville, 75016 Paris
PSC 116 (USOECD), APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (1) 45-24-74-77, Fax 4524-7480

AMB: Amy S. Bondurant
AMB SEC: Christine O. Fulena
DCM: Richard A. Morford
ECO/FIN: John L. Weeks
EEST: Daniel L. Dolan
COM: Margaret A. Keshishian
LAB/MAN/ADV: Garold N. Larson
TRADE DIV: Thomas P. Kelly
ADM: Barbara S. Aycock
DOE: Carol W. Lee
AID: Lee Roussel
INVES ADV: Martha N. Kelley
ENERGY ADV: Earl J. Steele
SEC/DEL/PAO: Pamela L. Spratlen
EPA: Breck Milroy
FIN: Stanley A. Otto

US Observer Mission to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
2 Avenue Gabriel, 75382, Paris CEDEX 08
APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (1) 43-12-20-16, Fax 42-66-97-83

OBSERVER: William W. McIlhenny IV

Marseille (CG)
12 Boulevard Paul Peytral, 13286 Marseille Cedex 6
PSC 116 (MAR), APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (4) 91-54-92-00, Fax 91-55-09-47. E-mail address is amcongenmars@calva.net;

CG: Joyce E. Leader
DPO: Hazel Robinson Boone
CON: Barbara A. Hibben
NCIS: Dwight E. Clayton

Strasbourg (CG)
15 Ave. DAlsace, 67082 Strasbourg CEDEX
PSC 116, APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (3) 88-35-21-04, Fax 24-06-95, Telex 870907 AMERCON

CG: Steven Wagenseil

US Commercial Office (Lyon)
45, rue de la Bourse
PSC 116, APO AE 09777, Fax [33] (4) 78-39-14-09Nice (CA), rue du Marechal Joffre, 06000 Nice
PSC 116 APO AE 09777, Tel [33] (4) 93-88-89-55, or 93-02-30-98, Fax 93-87-07-38

CA: Lucien le Lievre
COM: (Vacant)

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