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The State Department web site below is a permanent electronic archive of information released online from January 1, 1997 to January 20, 2001. Please see www.state.gov for current material from the Department of State. Or visit http://2001-2009.state.gov for information from that period. Archive sites are not updated, so external links may no longer function. Contact us with any questions about finding information. NOTE: External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein.
U.S. Department of State


Jakarta (E)
Medan Merdeka Selatan 5
Unit 8129, Box 1, APO AP 96520, Tel [62] (21) 344-2211, Fax 386-2259; USIS Fax 381-0243; COM Fax 385-1632; USAID Fax 380-6694; AGR Fax 380-1363; OMADP Fax 384-3339

AMB: J. Stapleton Roy
AMB SEC: Marie Campello
DCM: Michael P. Owens
POL: Edmund F. McWilliams, Jr.
ECO: Judith R. Fergin
COM: Laron Jensen
CON: Stephen A. Edson
ADM: John M. Salazar
RSO: Mark J. Hunter
PAO: Steven J. Monblatt
IMO: Timothy J. Cook
AID: Vivikka Moldrem
AGR: Robin Tilsworth-Rude
LAB: Gregory G. Fergin
EST: Gary DeVight
DAO: Col. Charles McFetridge, USA
OMADP: Col. Robert Humberson, USA
FAA: David L. Knudson (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CAAG: Robert Salas
CUS: Donald K. Shruhan, Jr. (resident in Singapore)
IRS: Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)

Surabaya (CG)
Jalan Raya Dr., Sutomo 33, Surabaya 60264; Am Con Gen
Box 1, Unit 8131, APO AP 96520-0002, Tel [62] (31) 567-6880 or 568-2287, Fax 567-4492; COM Fax 567-7748. E- mail address is amconsby@rad.net.id

CG:William A. Pierce
POL/ECO: James D. Mullinax
COM: Laron Jenson (resident in Jakarta)
ADM/CON: John T. Bernlohr

Bali (CA)
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 188, Denpasar 80235, Tel. [62] (361) 233-605, Fax 222-426. E-mail address is tabuh@denpasar.wasantara.net.id

CA: Andrew Toth

June 1998 Key Officers
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