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Kingston (E)
Jamaica Mutual Life Center, 2 Oxford Rd., 3rd Fl., Tel (809) 929-4850 thru 9, Fax 926-6743. Direct-in-dial numbers: NAS [876] 935-6080; PC 929-0495; DAO 935-6021; MLO 935-6074; DEA 929-4956; FCS 926-8115; FAS 920-2827; INS 935-6095; USIS Tel (876) 935-6053, Fax (809) 929-4850, ext. 1042. USIS internet address is usis@cwjamaica.com

AMB: Stanley L. McLelland
AMB SEC: Patricia E. Salazar
DCM: James C. Cason
CON: Nicholas Williams
ADM: Moosa A. Valli
ECO/POL: Robert E. Windsor
COM: Larry Farris (resident in Santo Domingo)
RSO: Dave R. Haag
PAO: James K. Foster
IMO: Howard R. Charles
AID: Mosina Jordan
DAO: Cdr. Michael D. Moore, USN
MLO: Ltc. James A. White, USA
AGR: Susan Schayes (resident in Santo Domingo)
APHIS: Yvette Perez-Marcano
NAS: Guido del Prado (resident in Miami)
PC: Timothy D. Persons
INS: Fred Jackson
FAA: Ruben Quinones (resident in Miami)
LAB: Richard T. Booth (resident in Washington, D.C.)

Montego Bay (CA)
P.O. Box 212 St. James Place, 2nd floor, Gloucester Avenue; Tel. (809) 952-0160/5050

CA: Robert T. Garth

June 1998 Key Officers
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