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U.S. Department of State
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U.S. Department of State


Bangkok (E)
120 Wireless Rd.
APO AP 96546, Tel [66] (2) 205-4000, Fax 254-2990, 205-4131; COM 3rd Fl., Diethelm Towers Bldg., Tower A, 93/1 Wireless Rd., 10330, Tel 255-4365 thru 7, Fax 255-2915

AMB: William H. Itoh
AMB SEC: Barbara A. Matchey
DCM: Marie T. Huhtala
POL: Nancy Boshoven
ECO: Robert W. Fitts
COM: John S. Wood
CON: Alice C. Moore
ADM: James R. Van Laningham
GSO: Charles E. Croteau
RSO: John P. Gaddis
PAO: Virginia L. Farris
IMO: Raymond C. Langston
ISO: Ellis Iacobucci
IPO: Nicholas J. Adams
NAS: Donald E. Stader
FCS: Howard A. Renman
REF: Dewey R. Pendergrass
LAB: William Weinstein
DAO: Col. Edward C. Mann III, USAF
JUSMAG: Col. Lance Booth
JTF/FA: Col. Ned LaViolette
CDC/HIV: Timothy D. Mastro
CUS: Francisco P. Dominguez
INS: Jean Christiansen
DEA: William Simpson, Jr.
FBI: Ralph P. Horton
AGR: Maurice House
FAA: Ross Hamory (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO: George B. Brennan
IRS: Shirley K. Sherwood (resident in Singapore)

Chiang Mai (CG)
387 Vidhayanond Rd., Chaing Mai 50300
U.S. Embassy, Box C, APO AP 96546, Tel [66] (53) 252-629, Fax 252-633

PO: Thomas Murphy
ADM: Karen L. Emmerson
POL/CON: Michael Cavanaugh

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