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U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of State
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U.S. Department of State


Lagos (E)
2 Eleke Crescent P.O. Box 554, Tel [234] (1) 261-0097, Telex 23616 AMEMLA NG, Fax [234] (1) 261-0257; CON Fax [234] (1) 261-2218; COM Fax (234) (1) 261-9856; DEA Fax 261-7874; USIS Fax (234) (1) 263-5397; AID Fax [234] (1) 261-4698; Logistics Support Unit, Fax 261-2815

AMB:William H. Twaddell
AMB SEC:Diane McBride
DCM:Joseph H. Melrose, Jr.
POL:James Yound
ECODundas. C. McCullough
COM:August Maffry, Jr.
CON:Fabio M. Saturni
ADM:Robert L. Lane
IMO:Richard Carpenter
RSO:Daniel R. McCarthy
RMO:Dr. Burnett Q. Pixley
PAO:James J. Callahan
AID:Felix Awantang
DAO:Maj. Lacy Ingram, Jr., USA
FAA:Ronald L. Montgomery (resident in Dakar)
AGR:Fred R. Kessel
DEA:Edgar L. Moses
LAB:Mark Clark
IRS:Federick D. Pablo (resident in Paris)

Kaduna (USIS)
11 Maska Road P.M.B. 2060, Tel [234] (62) 235990, 235991, 235992, Fax 239559

BPAO:Bruce A. Lohof

Ibadan (USIS)
OGC Enconsult House P.M.B. 5089, Tel [234] (02) 810-0775, 810-2802, Fax 810-1019

BPAO:Dudley O. Sims

Abuja (USLO)
9 Mambilla St. (off Aso Drive), Maitama District P.O. Box 5760, Garki Abuja, Tel [234] (9) 523-0960, Fax 523-0353. Liaison Office does not offer commercial services. Commercial services are available at Embassy Lagos.

OIC:Timothy D. Andrews
ADM:Daniel M. Hirsch
POL:Russell J. Hanks
ECO/COM:Todd Chapman
BPAO:Claudia Anyaso

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