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Islamabad (E)
Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5 P.O. Box 1048, Unit 62200, APO AE 09812-2200, Tel [92] (51) 826161 thru 79, IVG-787, FAX 276427, Telex 82-5864 AEISL PK; AMCON Tel 275270 thru 72, Fax 822632; USIS Tel 824051 thru 56; Fax 278040; Loc Tel 823404, Fax 823419; Com Tel 823699/822114, Fax 823981; Agr Fax 278142; DA0 Fax 276542; ODRP Fax 822981; workweek: Monday through Friday

AMB:Thomas W. Simons, Jr.
AMB SEC:Mary Jane McCoubrey
DCM:Alan W. Eastham, Jr.
POL:Thomas L. Price
ECO:James S. Elliott
ADM:W. Douglas Frank
CON:Bernard Alter
RSO:Ronald M. Mazer
PAO:Ray Peppers
IMO:Lloyd C. Stevenson
AGR:Maurice W. House
CPAO:R. Barrie Walkley
LOC:James C. Armstrong
LEGATT:Scott G. Jessee
COM:J. Lee Barnes
AID:John S. Blackton
NAS:Reginald J. McHugh
REF:Linda Thomas-Greenfield
DEA:Thomas De Triquet
DAO:Col. Herbert L. Stoddard, USAF
ODRP:Col. James L. Spring
IRS:Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)
FAA:David L. Knudson (resident in Singapore)
MAAG:BG John D. Howard, USA

Karachi (CG)
8 Abdullah Haroon Rd. Unit 62400, APO AE 09814-2400, Tel [92] (21) 568-5170 thru 79, Fax 568-0496; GSO Fax 568-3089; workweek: Monday through Friday

CG:Douglas B. Archard
CG SEC:Donna M. Wright
POL/ECO:Stephen J. Carrig
CON:Michael J. Mates
ADM:Bruce F. Knotts
RSO:Jim A. Marek
BPAO:Patricia L. Sharpe
IPO:Eley M. Johnson
ISM:Robert S. Blankenship
DEA:Gregory Lee
IRS:Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)

Lahore (CG)
50 Shahrah-E-Bin Badees (50 Empress Rd.), near Simla Hills Unit 62216, APO AE 09812-2216, Tel [92] (42) 636-5530 through 40, Fax 636-5177, workweek: Monday through Friday

POGeoffrey Pyatt
POL:Brian Phipps
BPAO:Donna J. Winton
DEAJames C. Slater
IRS:Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)
INS:Seth B. Libby

Peshawar (C)
11 Hospital Road, Peshawar Cantt, AC Peshawar Unit 62217, APO AE 09812-2217, Tel [92] (091) 279801 through 279803, 285496, 285497, Fax 276712; workweek: Monday through Friday

PO:Bradford E. Hanson
PO SEC:Elinor Howell
POL/CON:Gregory M. Marchese
ADM/POL/PSO:Joseph A. Boston
BPAO:David Mees
DEA:Steve Dunn
IRS:Shirley Sherwood (resident in Singapore)

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