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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Vienna (E), Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1091, Vienna, Tel [43] (1) 313-39, Fax 310-0682; CON: Gartenbaupromenade 2, 4th Floor, A-1010 Vienna, Tel 313-39, Fax 513-4351; COM Fax 310-6468

AMB:Swanee Hunt
AMB SEC:Susan B. Ray
DCM:Joan E. Corbett
ECO/POL:Timothy M. Savage
CON:Guyle E. Cavin
COM:Stephen Craven
ADM:Steven J. White
RSO:Edward F. Gaffney
PAO:Helena K. Finn
IMO:David L. Collins
DAO:Col. John Fairlamb, USA
AGR:Allan Mustard
APHIS:Christopher Groocock
INS:Jean Christiansen
LEGATT:Julianne Slifco
CUS:John Kellogg
DEA:Bohdan Mizak
FAA:Steve Wallace
(resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:Amelia D. Fitzgibbons
IRS:Margaret Lullo
(resident in Bonn)

US Mission to International Organizations in Vienna (UNVIE), Obersteinergasse 11/1, A-1190 Vienna, Tel [43] (1) 313-39, Fax 369-1585, or EXEC Tel 369-2095; IAEA Tel 369-2095, Fax 369-8392

US REP:John B. Ritch III
SEC:Elizabeth Krause
DCM:Joseph C. Snyder III
POL/ECON:Adrienne M. Stefan
IAEA: Leroy C. Simpkins
DOE:Lisa Hilliard
NSAF ATT:Charles Z. Serpan
ISPO:Susan E. Pepper

U.S. Delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Obersteinergasse 11/1, A-1190 Vienna, Tel [43] (1) 313-39, Fax 368-6385

U.S. REP:Sam W. Brown, Jr.
SEC:Anne Kirlian
DEP REP/DCM:J. Michael Lekson
POL:Mark A. Sigler
PAA:Stephen M. Dubrow
JCS:BG Roger Radcliff
ACDA:Gregory G. Govan
OSD:John Concannon
JAO:David M. Buss
IPO:Sebastian Failla

Salzburg (CA), Herbert-Von-Karajan-Platz 1, 5020; Tel. [43] (662) 84-87-76, [43] (1) 31339 (Vienna Cons. Section for afterhours emergencies)

CA:Jeanie DeGraff Mayer

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