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U.S. Department of State
Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


(formerly Ivory Coast)

Abidjan (E), 5 Rue Jesse Owens, 01 B.P. 1712,
Tel (225) 21-09-79, Telex 23660, Fax 22-32-59
AMB:Lannon Walker
AMB SEC:Brigitte Jeffroy
DCM:Peter R. Reams
POL:Michele Sison
ECO:Kenneth H. Kolb
COM:Frederick Gaynor
COM rep to the
AFDB: Margaret Hanson-Muse
CON:Andrew Passen
JAO:Kenneth M. Scott, Jr.
ADM:Edward Malcik
IPO:Tom L. Snow
RSO:Joe D. Morton
PAO:Thomas Hart
IMO:Jim Rubino
AID/REDSO:Willard Pearson
ODA:Col. Gerald D. Saltness, USA
AGR:Jonathan Gressel
FAA:Ronald L. Montgomery
(resident in Dakar)
IRS:Frederick D. Pablo
(resident in Paris)

African Development Bank/Fund, Ave., Joseph Anoma, 01 B.P. 1387 Abidjan 01, Tel (225) 20-40-15,
Fax 33-14-34; COM Tel 21-46-16, Fax 22-24-37
EXEC DIR:Alice Dear
ALT DIR:Daniel J. Duesterbereg
COM:Margaret Hanson-Muse

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