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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Rome (E), Via Veneto 119/A, 00187-Rome ## PSC 59,
Box 100, APO AE 09624, Tel [39] (6) 46741, Telex 622322 AMBRMA; USIS via Boncompagni 2, 00187 Rome, Fax 488-2672; COM Fax 4674-2113; USIS Fax 4674-2655

AMB:Reginald Bartholomew
AMB SEC:Karen Heitkotter
DCM:James B. Cunningham
POL:Shaun Byrnes
POL/MIL:Joseph McGhee
ECO:Robert J. Smolik
COM:Robert Connan
CON:Kathleen J. Mullen
ADM C:Jose Cao-Garcia
ADM O: Matthew Burnes III
RSO:Stephen H. Jacobs
PAO:Cynthia J. Miller
IMO:Charles R. Wills
ISM:David Miller
EST:James Chamberlin
ODA:Capt. Vincent P. Mocini, USN
ODC:Col. Donald R. Kirk, USA
AGR:Frank A. Padovano
APHIS:Joan Sills
LAB:John LaMazza
CUS:Riccardo J. Olivieri
FAA:Steven B. Wallace
FAA/CASLO:Joseph Teixeira
IRS:Larry J. LeGrand
INS:Joseph D. Cuddihy

US Mission to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture (FODAG), Via Sardegna 49, 00187 Rome ## APO AE 09624, Tel [39] (6) 4674-3500, Fax 4788-7043

US REP SEC:Hilda C. Kroll
DEP REP:Vonda K. Delawie
RELIEF AID:David J. Garms
DEV AID:William Baucom
AGR:Francis J. Vacca

Milan (CG), COM: Via Principe Amedeo, 2, 20121, Milan, APO address PSC 59, (M), APO AE 09624, Tel [39] (2) 290-351, Fax 2900-1165; COM 659-2260; Fax 659-6561

CG:George G.B. Griffin
DPO/POL/ECON:Desiree Millikan
COM:George F. Ruffner
ECON:James Stewart
CON:Alma F. Engel
ADM:Daniel Piccuta
GSO:William Laidlaw
RSO:Christopher A. Baker
IPO:Patrick Bentz
AGR:Holly S. Higgins
CUS:Albert Moy
DEA:Samuel C. Meale

US Information Service, Via Bigli 11/A, 20121 Milano, Tel [39] (2) 795051 2345, Fax USIS 781-736

BPAO:Jeffrey C. Murray

Naples (CG), Piazza della Repubblica 80122 Naples ##
Box 18, PSC 810, FPO AE 09619-0002, Tel [39] (81) 583-8111, Fax 761-1869; USIS Fax 664-207; COM Tel 761-1592, Fax 761-1869

CG:Clarke N. Ellis
POL/ECO:Cynthia R. Bunton
CON:William A. Muller
ADM:John D. Haynes
RSO:Stephen H. Jacobs
(resident in Rome)
BPAO:Daniel A. Spikes
POLAD:David A. Pabst
(resident in AF South NATO, Naples)

Florence (CG), Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, 38, 50123 Firenze ## APO AE 09613, Tel [39] (55) 239 8276/7/8/9, 217-605, Fax 284-088; COM Tel 211-676 Fax 283-780; USIS Tel 216-531, 294-921, Fax 288-338

CG:Louis McCall

U.S. Commercial Office (Genoa), Via Dante 2/43 (Palazzo Borsa), 16121 Genoa, Tel and Fax: (39) (10) 543-877

CA:Anna Maria Saiano

Palermo (CA), Via Re Federico, No. 18 BIS, 90141, Palermo, Italy, Tel. (091) 611-00-20, (337) 79-34-21 (cellular phone), (081) 58-38-111 (Cons. Section, Naples, for afterhours emergency)

CA:Barbara Cucinella

Trieste (CA), Via Roma 15, 34132 Trieste, Italy, Tel. (O) 040-660-177, (H) 040-302-354, Fax 040-631-240

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