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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Wellington (E), 29 Fitzherbert Terr., Thorndon, Wellington ## P.O. Box 1190, Wellington, PSC 467, Box 1, FPO AP 96531-1001, Tel [64] (4) 472-2068; ADM Fax 471-2380; EXEC Fax 472-3537
AMB:Josiah Horton Beeman
AMB SEC:Shannon Lee Tracy
DCM:Morton R. Dworken, Jr.
POL/ECO:Evans J. R. Revere
ADM:Boyd Doty
RSO:John Henry Kaufmann
(resident in Canberra)
PAO:Timothy M. Randall
IPO:David W. Smith
ODA:Capt. Robert E. Houser, USN
AGR:Gary W. Meyer
FAA:Fred Laird (resident in Tokyo)
FAA/CASLO:Steve Earnest
(resident in Sydney)
LEGATT:John C. Williamson
(resident in Canberra)
CUS:James W. Wilkie
(resident in Singapore)
LAB:Karen E. Krueger
IRS:Vivian Simon
(resident in Sydney)

Auckland (CG), 4th fl., Yorkshire General Bldg., corner of Shortland and OíConnell Sts., Auckland, Private Bag, 92022, Auckland ## PSC 467, Box 99, FPO AP 96531-1099, Tel [64] (9) 303-2724, Fax 366-0870
CON:Alcy R. Frelick
COM:M. Phillip Gates

Christchurch (CA), Price Waterhouse Center, 11th fl., 109 Armagh Street; Tel 03-379-0040, Fax 03-379-5677
CA:J. Malcolm Ott

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