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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Manila (E), 1201 Roxas Blvd., APO AP 96440, Tel (63) (2) 521-7116, Telex 722-27366 AME PH, Fax (63) (2) 522-4361; COM OFF 395 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati, Metro Manila, Tel (63) (2) 890-9717, Fax (63) (2) 895-3028, Telex 22708 COSEC PH

AMB:Thomas C. Hubbard
AMB SEC:Katherine M. Astala
DCM:G. Eugene Martin
POL:E. Mason Hendrickson, Jr.
ECO:Anne E. Derse
COM:Carmine G. DíAloisio
CG:Kevin F. Herbert
ADM:Raymond J. Pepper
GSO:Robert B. Courtney
RSO:Gordon A. Sjue
PAO:Greta N. Morris
ISO:Aila K. Long
IMO:Richard C. Kwiatkowski
AID:Kenneth G. Schofield
ODA:Col. David B. George, USAF
JUSMAG:Col. Danwill A. Lee, USA
AGR:Lawrence E. Hall
FAA:(resident in Tokyo)
LAB:Dennis J. Ortblad
INS:Cynthia J. O'Connell
IRS:Rick Ward
(resident in Tokyo)

Asian Development Bank (Manila), #6 ADB Avenue Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila ## P.O. Box 789, 0980 Manila 0401, Tel (632) 632-6050, 632-4444Telex 63587 ADB PM, 42205 ADBPN, and 29066 ADB PH, Fax 632-4003, 632-2084; COM ADB OFF 395 Sen. Gil Puyat AvenueMakati, Metro Manila, Tel 890-9364, 895-3020, Fax 890-9713, 632-6044

US EXEC DIR:Linda Tsao Yang
US ALT EXEC DIR:N. Cinnamon Dornsife
COM/ADB:Cantwell Walsh

Cebu (CA), 3d Fl., PCI Bank Bldg., Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City 6000; APO AP 96440; Tel. [63] (32) 310-261/2, 310-671; Fax 310-174

CON AGT:John Frank Domingo

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