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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Riyadh (E), Collector Road M, Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter ## Unit 61307, APO AE 09803-1307, International Mail: P.O. Box 94309, Riyadh 11693, Tel [966] (1) 488-3800; USIS: P.O. Box 94310, Riyadh 11693, Fax 488-3989; FCS Fax 488-3237; POL/ECO Fax 488-3278; Fax (General) 488-7360; ISC Fax 488-7867; FMC Fax 482-2765; GSO Fax 488-7939; IRS Fax 488-7351; ATO Tel 488-4364, ext. 1560, Fax 482-4364; workweek: SaturdayñWednesday (all posts)
AMB:Wyche Fowler, Jr.
AMB SEC:(Vacant)
DCM:Theodore H. Kattouf
POL:Albert A. Thibault, Jr.
POL/MIL:Thomas W. Callow
ECO:Robert W. Dry
COM:Mike Frisby
CON:Richard C. Hermann
ADM:Robert E. Davis, Jr.
RSO:Gary L. Caldwell
PAO:Samir Kouttab
IMO:Randall R. Dudley
ODA:Col. Gary W. Nelson, USA
ATO:John H. Wilson
USMTM:Maj. Gen. James G. Riley
FIN:John R. Johnson
OMPSANG:Brig. Gen. Larry Smith

Dhahran (CG), Between Aramco Hdqtrs and Dhahran Intíl Airport, P.O. Box 81, Dhahran Airport 31932 ## Unit 66803, APO AE 09858-6803, Tel [966] (3) 891-3200; ADM Fax 891-7416; COM Fax 891-8332; CON Fax 891-6816; EXEC Fax 891-0464; GSO Fax 891-3296, afterhours 891-2203
CG:Douglas C. Greene
POL/MIL:Mark L. Andersen
ECO:Theodore J. Singer
CON:Jeffrey S. Tunis
ADM:Beverly D. Rochester
ITO:Joseph F. Purvis

Jeddah (CG), Palestine Rd., Ruwais ## P.O. Box 149, Jeddah 21411, or Unit 62112, APO AE 09811, Tel [966] (2) 667-0080; CG Fax 669-2991; ADM Fax 669-3074; CON Fax 669-3078; COM Tel 667-0040, Fax 665-8106; ATO Tel 661-2408, Fax 667-6196; USIS Tel 660-6355, Fax 660-6367; workweek: Saturday through Wednesday
CG:Stephen W. Buck
POL/ECO:Diane W. Shelby
COM:Joseph B. Kaesshaefer
CON:Douglas B. Neumann
ADM:James A. Paige, Jr.
BPAO:John Moran
CPO:Gary L. Cook
ATO:John H. Wilson
(resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CAAG:John Waltz
USGS:George V. Demeglio
USMTM:Ltc Edward T. Wilcox

US Rep. to the Saudi Arabian US Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation (USREP/JECOR), P.O. Box 5927, Riyadh, Tel [966] (1) 464-0433, Telex 201012
DIR:William Griever
DEP:Larry Bacon

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