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Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
October 1996


Abu Dhabi (E), Al-Sudan St. ## P.O. Box 4009, Pouch: AmEmbassy Abu Dhabi, Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 20521-6010, Tel [971] (2) 436-691 or 436-692, afterhours Tel 434-457, Fax 434-771; ADM Fax 435-441; CON Fax 435-786; USIS Fax 434-802; USLO Fax 434-604; COM: Blue Tower Bldg., 8th Fl., Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St., Tel 345ñ545, Fax (2) 331-374, workweek: SaturdayñWednesday
AMB:David C. Litt
AMB SEC:Carmen S. Ryan
DCM:Frank Urbancic
POL:Stephen L. Kontos
ECO:Paul R. Siekert
COM:Charles Kestenbaum
CON:Michelle M. Bernier-Toth
ADM:Sandra Wenner-Yeaman
RSO:Jeffrey W. Culver
PAO:Magda S. Siekert
IPO:Jeffrey S. Myers
ODA:Col. Robert M. Dunlap, USAF
USLO:Col. Richard Wilson
IRS:Larry LeGrand
(resident in Rome)
FAA:J. Stuart Jamison
(resident in Riyadh)
FIN:Marvin L. Wolf
(resident in Riyadh)

Dubai (CG), Dubai International Trade Center, 21st Fl. ## P.O. Box 9343, Pouch AMCONGEN Dubai, Dept. of State, Washington, D.C., 20521-6020, Tel [971] (4) 313-115, Fax 314-043; COM Tel 313-584, Fax 313-121; USIS Tel 314-882; ATO Tel 313-612/314-063, Fax 314-998; NRCC Tel 311-888, Fax 315-764, workweek: SaturdayñWednesday
CG:David D. Pearce
POL/ECO:Justin Siberell
POL/MIL:Bruce J. Stewart
COM: Terry Sorgi
CON:William Stewart
RSO/ADM:F. Scott Gallo
ATO:Edwin Porter
ODA:LCdr. David Samson, USN
NRCC:Lt. Bob Michels
IRS:Larry LeGrand
(resident in Rome)

Note: Neither post has access to APO/FPO.

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