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U.S. Department of State Telephone Directory

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Udell,William                   NEA/ENA              (202)736-4371                                  
Ugol,Alec I.                    L/CID                (202)776-8361                                  
Uhrich,Dottie                   HR/CDA/ML/SPEC       (202)647-1502                                  
Ulan,Michael K.                 EB/IFD/OIA           (202)736-4246                                  
Ullman,Carrie                   HR/CDA/EL            (202)736-7421                                  
Ullman,Richard                  S/P                  (202)647-7099                                  
Ulmer,Sandra Y.                 G                    (202)647-6704                                  
Uncu,Lucy                       CA/EX/CSD            (202)663-1562                                  
Underriner,John                 AF/S                 (202)647-9838                                  
Underwood,Earl D.               IRM/OPS/CST/BC       (202)647-1264                                  
Ungaro,Ron                      IIP/G                (202)619-5876                                  
Upadhyay,Gunu                   M/FSI/SLS/ASA        (703)302-7314                                  
Urban,Carole                    IRM/OPS/ITI/TWD/FPT  (703)912-8532                                  
Urban,Elayne                    INR/IC               (202)647-8963                                  
Urbanski,Sandra                 A/EX/IRM             (202)647-2336                                  
Urbanski,William P.             OIG/SIO/ISP          (703)284-1894                                  
Urbina,Maria                    ECA/ASU              (202)260-6797                                  
Urbina Debreen,Marlene          EB/IFD/ODF           (202)647-5640                                  
Urdinola,Robert                 A/FBO/PE/BDE/EEB     (703)516-1770                                  
Ureta,Horacio A.                S/S-O                (202)647-1512                                  
Urevich,Emily                   M/FSI/SLS/ASA        (703)302-7023                                  
Urman,Stephen                   A/FBO/OPS/SAF        (703)875-4137                                  
Usmani,Anwar                    A/LM/OPS/TTM/TM      (202)647-4491                                  
Usrey,Gary S.                   SA/INS               (202)647-2141                                  
Utgoff,Anna                     NP/PC                (202)736-4244                                  
Uzzell,Francine                 OES/ENV              (202)647-9312 

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