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Great Seal Visits to the U.S. by Foreign Heads of State and Government--1874 through 1939


Date Visitor Country Description
December 12-23, 1874 King Kalakaua Hawaii In U.S. November 29, 1874-February 2, 1875. Stops included New York City, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis (Missouri), and Omaha (Nebraska). First visit by a foreign Chief of State or Head of Government.
May 7-11, 1876 Emperor Dom Pedro II Brazil Visited U.S. April 15-July 12, covering over 9,000 miles. Traveled from New York to San Francisco, to New Orleans, and to Boston. Revisited Washington June 2; attended the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) June 20-25.
September 28, 1881 King Kalakaua Hawaii Private visit during world tour. In U.S. September 23-October 22, visiting New York City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Baltimore (Maryland), Hampton (Virginia), Lexington (Kentucky), Omaha (Nebraska), and San Francisco.
July 19-21, 1882 President Barrios Guatemala Sought help in settling a boundary dispute with Mexico. Arrived in U.S. July 11.
January 26- February 6, 1898 President Dole Hawaii Discussed U.S. annexation of Hawaii. In U.S. January 17-February 22, visiting San Francisco, Chicago, Buffalo (New York), Cleveland (Ohio), and St. Louis (Missouri).
October 16, 1909 President Diaz Mexico Visited El Paso (Texas) in an exchange of visits with President Taft.
August 6, 1910President Montt Chile Visited President Taft in Beverly (Mass.) while en route to Europe for health reasons. In U.S. August 4-9.
May 27-30, 1918 Prime Minister Hughes Australia Met with President Wilson en route to Imperial Conference meetings in London. Arrived in U.S. May 13; visited New York City.
June 21-25, 1919 President-elect Pessoa Brazil In U.S. June 20-27; visited New York City.
October 27-30, 1919 King Albert Belgium In U.S. October 2-31, visiting New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Santa Barbara (California), San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Addressed U.S. Congress October 28.
September 15-16, 1920 President-elect Porras Panama  
November 7-24, 1921 Premier Briand France Attended Conference on the Limitation of Armaments. Departed November 25.
May 3-5, 1922 President-elect Ospina Colombia In U.S. April 24-June 2; visited New York City.
October 31- November 2, 1924 President-elect Calles Mexico In U.S. October 26- November 5; visited New Orleans.
April 15-17, 1925 President-elect Machado Cuba Visited Florida and New York City.
June 14-18, 1926 President Borno Haiti In U.S. June 11-30, visiting New York City and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).
April 22-25, 1927 President Machado Cuba In U.S. April 20-May 7, visiting New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta (Georgia).
October 4-10, 1929 Prime Minister MacDonald United Kingdom Informal discussions in Washington and at Rapidan Camp (Virginia) concerning naval limitations and application of the Paris Peace Pact. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed for Canada October 14.
December 26-29, 1929 President-elect Ortiz Rubio Mexico In U.S. December 4, 1929-January 16, 1930, visiting Houston, Hot Springs (Arkansas), New York City, Baltimore (Maryland), Buffalo (New York), Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, Kansas City (Missouri), and San Francisco.
June 2-5, 1930 President-elect Olaya Colombia In U.S. April 20-July 2, visiting Chicago, New York City, New London(Connecticut), and West Point. Revisited Washington June 18.
June 11-15, 1930 President-elect Prestes Brazil Officially returned President-elect Hoover's visit. In U.S. June 11-20, visiting New York City, West Point, and Philadelphia.
April 28-May 1, 1931 King Prajadhipok Siam (Thailand) Private visit to obtain medical treatment. In U.S. April 19-July 28. Stayed at Ophir Hall, Purchase (New York) Visited New York City and New London (Conn.).
October 22-25, 1931 Premier Laval France At the invitation of President Hoover. Departed U.S. October 27.
July 21-22, 1932 President-elect Arias Panama Unofficial visit. In U.S. July 17-30; visited New York City.
April 21-26, 1933 Prime Minister MacDonald United Kingdom Multilateral economic conversations before the World Monetary and Economic Conference.
April 24-28, 1933 Prime Minister Bennett Canada Multilateral economic conversations before the World Monetary and Economic Conference.
October 9-11, 1933 President Arias Panama Discussed regulation of commerce in Canal Zone. In U.S. October 8-23.
April 16-18, 1934 President Vincent Haiti Discussed political and economic relations. Arrived in U.S. March 26 for unofficial visit to New York City.
June 24-26, 1934 President-elect Lopez Colombia Afterwards visited New York City, June 26-July 5.
July 8-9, 1935 Prime Minister Lyons Australia Discussed economic policy while returning from Great Britain. Arrived in U.S. July 7, visited New York City.
November 7-9, 1935 Prime Minster Mackenzie King Canada Discussed bilateral trade relations.
April 21-23, 1936 President-elect Gomez Cuba Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. April 30.
March 5-11, 1937 Prime Minister Mackenzie King Canada Guest of the President. Afterwards visited Virginia Beach. Departed U.S. March 20.
March 30- April 1, 1937 Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir Canada Also visited Annapolis (Maryland) on April 1.
June 23-25, 1937 Prime Minister Van Zeeland Belgium In U.S. June 18-30. Also visited New York City and Princeton (New Jersey).
March 3-6, 1938 Sultan Said bin Taimur Bin Faisal Muscat & Oman Visited Washington during a three-week, private visit.
August 22-23, 1938 Governor General Lord Gowrie Australia  
November 17-18, 1938 Prime Minister Mackenzie King Canada Signed a reciprocal trade agreement. Departed U.S. November 20.
May 5-11, 1939 President Somoza Nicaragua At the invitation of President Roosevelt. In U.S. May 1-June 1. Addressed U.S. Congress May 8. Also visited New Orleans (Louisiana), New York City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and San Francisco.
June 8-9, 1939 King George VI United Kingdom Official visit. In U.S. June 7-11; visiting New York City and Hyde Park (New York).
June 8-9, 1939 Prime Minister Mackenzie King Canada Accompanied King George VI as minister in attendance.
December 5-13, 1939 President Vincent Haiti Unofficial visit to Washington, D.C. and New York City.

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