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Great Seal Visits to the U.S. by Foreign Heads of State and Government--1959


Date Visitor Country Description
January 20-23, 1959 President Frondizi Argentina State visit. In U.S. January 19-February 1, visited Miami (Florida), Houston (Texas), Chicago, Detroit (Michigan), and New York City. Addressed U.S. Congress January 21.
March 10-13, 1959 President Lemus El Salvador State visit. In U.S. March 9-21; visited Charlottesville (Virginia), New York City, Springfield (Illinois), Houston (Texas), and New Orleans (Louisiana). Addressed U.S. Congress March 11.
March 17-19, 1959 President O'Kelly Ireland At the invitation of the President. In the U.S. March 16-31. Also visited New York City, Providence (Rhode Island), Boston, Chicago, Springfield and Peoria (Illinois), St. Paul (Minnesota), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).
March 19-24, 1959 Prime Minister Macmillan United Kingdom Informal discussions with President Eisenhower.
March 23-28, 1959 King Hussein Jordan Informal visit. In the U.S. March 17-April 17; visited Hawaii, San Francisco, Williamsburg and Norfolk (Virginia), Knoxville and Oak Ridge (Tennessee), Columbus (Georgia), Los Angeles, Denver and Colorado Springs (Colorado), Chicago, Springfield (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan), and New York City.
April 15-20, 1959 Premier Castro Cuba (Provisional Government) Unofficial visit. Later visited New York and Boston (Massachusetts). Left U.S. April 26; stopped in Houston (Texas) April 27-28 after visiting Canada.
May 11-14, 1959 King Baudouin Belgium State visit. Addressed U.S. Congress May 12. Afterwards visited Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, Dallas and El Paso (Texas), Los Angeles, Santa Fe (New Mexico), Omaha (Nebraska), New York City, Norfolk (Virginia), and Wilmington (Delaware). Departed U.S. May 31.
June 27, 1959 Queen Elizabeth II United Kingdom Dedicated a monument at the St. Lawrence Power Dam, Massena, New York.
September 15-16, 1959 Premier Khrushchev U.S.S.R. Official visit at Washington and Camp David (Maryland) Afterwards visited New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Des Moines and Ames (Iowa). Revisited Washington and Camp David September 25-27. Departed U.S. September 27.
September 30- October 3, 1959 Prime Minister Segni Italy Official visit. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. October 4.
October 7-9, 1959 Prime Minister Eghbal Iran Attended CENTO Ministerial Meeting.
October 7-9, 1959 Prime Minister Menderes TurkeyAttended CENTO Ministerial Meeting.
October 9-12, 1959 President Lopez Mateos Mexico State visit. Afterwards visited Chicago and New York City. After visiting Canada (October 15-18), visited Austin and the LBJ Ranch (Texas). Departed U.S. October 19.
October 15, 1959 Prime Minister Ibrahim Morocco Informal meeting with President Eisenhower. In U.S. October 11-30, led Moroccan delegation to the UN General Assembly, and visited Knoxville (Tennessee), Dallas, Phoenix (Arizona), Los Angeles, Detroit (Michigan), and Niagara Falls (New York).
October 26-28, 1959 President Toure Guinea State visit. In U.S. October 25- November 8. Also visited Raleigh (North Carolian), Chicago, Los Angeles, Wheeling (West Virginia), Omal (Ohio), and New York City.

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