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U.S. Department of State

    1.Video: St. Basil's
    Telegraph Office Globe
    Dome of the Rock (Cox)
    Castle (Cox)
    Rich at TASS
    Russian Sign, MFA
    Marion and Jailer at Door

    Audio: (SFX: International New Age Music)
    Narrator: What is the most interesting work . . . in the world?

    2.Video: Capitol Dome w/ flag (Cox)

    Audio: It's work that enables you to serve your country.

    3.Video: Lenin Statue Falling (stock)
    Berlin Wall (stock)

    Audio: Play a role in history-making events.

    4.Video: China bikes (stock)
    Jessica and Mexican Guard
    Mideast train (stock)
    Novodevichi Domes
    Drummers Parade (Cox)
    Elephant w/ man (stock)
    Peruvian mtns. (Cox)
    African taxis & building (Cox)
    Diplomatic plates.

    Audio: Take on challenging responsibility. Experience diverse cultures.

    5.Video: U.S. Flag on motorcade car
    Joel by flags

    Audio:The best place to find this work?

    6.Video:Department of State Sign

    Audio:The United States Department of State.

    7.Video:Graphic transition into look similar to brochure cover.

    SUPER: The Most Interesting Work . . . in the World

    Graphic of world opens to reveal footage which increases in size
    to cover the entire screen.

    8.Video:Press Briefing

    Audio:A career at the State Department gives you the opportunity to really make a difference.

    Video:Geri meeting with Moose Kathy showing credentials
    Women talking in Op Ctr

    Audio:The people of the State Department work every day around the world on matters of vital importance.

    9.Video:Tunisian arrival with Sue
    Task Force 1 sign
    Task Force at table
    Paul with militia man

    Audio:Their mission: to administer foreign policy and maintain diplomatic relations throughout. the world.

    10.Video:Graphic effect of 3 still frames (split screen)

    Audio:And you can share in the mission as a . . .

    Video and Audio:Foreign Service Officer . . . Foreign Service Specialist . . .Or Civil Service Employee at the State Department.

    11.Video: Push into Foreign Service Officers full frame, full motion footage of first geometric shape depicting FSO's.

    Audio:SFX: Change music attitude to be overwhelming  international in sound
    Narrator: A Foreign Service Officer's career is more than a job . . .

    Video:SUPER: Foreign Service Officer accompanying "it's a way of life"
    Mike Thurston w/ Angelo
    Paul from subway
    Ken and Jen at Novodevichi
    Jessica at newsstand

    Audio:It's a way of life.
    Twothirds of your career will be spent living and working abroad.
    And the work is the most interesting . . . in the world.

    12.Video:Mike Thurston

    Audio:Thurston: I have the opportunity to travel abroad, to fairly exotic locations, exciting locations. It allows me to do the sort of work that I like. It gives me a lot of responsibility. It allows me to do the sort of work that maybe sometimes you can read about in the newspaper a couple of days later.

    13.Video:Jessica Webster on camera arrival in taxi at Zocalo sign  Banco de Mexico shaking hands, walking up stairs meeting with man walking through arches.

    Audio:Webster: It's exciting to be where things are happening when they're happening and to be communicating with people who are concerned.

    Audio:Webster (VO): we deal with current developments in the economy, tax policies, tax agreements, the implementation of these agreements, ah money laundering and anything that would require cooperation between the financial authorities of the two countries.

    14.Video:Matt Bryza
    Visa lines
    Blankenship in barn
    Matt on Camera

    Audio:Bryza: I was almost shocked when I first came out of graduate school and found myself sitting on a visa line talking to in some cases 200 people a day who really desperately wanted to come to the United States and I found out that the decision rested solely in my hands. And while that's not a decision that's going to rock the foreign policy establishment of the United States, for those individual people it's of tremendous importance so that was .. that seemed to be a great amount of responsibility right off the bat.

    15.Video:Cecilia & group w/ model
    NAFTA cover
    Paul with American
    Lech Walesa "peace" (stock)
    Oil well
    Ken with scientists
    American plane (Cox).
    Amb. Wells w/ African children

    Audio:Narrator: Manage an embassy's operation ... Negotiate agreements . . . Help Americans abroad . . . or study your host country's political scene ,or matters related to trade, science, technology, transportation or humanitarian affairs.

    16.Video:Graphic  FSS Doctor

    Audio:SFX: Change music attitude.
    Make the most of your skills and abilities as a Foreign Service Specialist.

    Video:Security Training group
    Matt's hands typing
    DS at Airport
    Chancery exterior

    Audio: You'll provide important technical support or administrative services in Washington, D.C. or at one of 250 post worldwide.

    17.Video: DS Motorcade
    DS classroom
    Mike Miles & motor pool
    Computer class closer
    Doctor and nurse

    Audio:Most positions require relevant education and/or related work experience. Positions include: Security, Information Management, Health Care, Secretarial and others.

    (Sync track from doctor, security person and woman administrator in Mexico (under))

    18.Video: Graphic  Civil Service

    Audio:SFX: Change music attitude to be more American style

    Video: Terri Staub,
    Beata & group
    Closeup of model
    Mike Morrow & Yvonne G.
    Group w/ Thurston
    Closeup of Angelo
    Closeup of woman
    Tracy Henderson w/ Cecilia

    Audio:Narrator: Provide professional, technical or administrative expertise for the State Department as a Civil Service employee in Washington, D.C. Whether you're an architect, attorney, computer scientist or other type of professional, your assignments will always be challenging and satisfying.

    19.Video: Terri and woman
    Terri and man
    Op Center phone
    Op Center long shot
    Woman on phone
    Task Force
    Women on phone
    Task force clipboards
    Men on phone

    Audio:Staub: The Operations Center, which is the communications hub of the Department, had a requirement to provide multiconferencing capabilities for the Secretary of State and his principals. We also had some connectivity to the major agencies such as the Pentagon and the White House and the FBI through that facility. And this office does provide extensive support to them in time of crisis and in time of planning for those crises.

    20.Video:Joel on House steps
    Joel in committee room
    Reverse shot to U.S. seal
    Geri and colleagues in Treaty Room
    FSI language class

    Audio:SFX: Change in music attitude to. International

    Audio:Whether you choose to be in the Foreign Service or Civil Service, you'll be working on the front line of U.S. foreign policy while experiencing diverse cultures, earning good pay and receiving comprehensive federal benefits and training opportunities. Additional compensation and benefits are earned when you serve overseas.

    21.Video:Elizondo on camera

    Audio:Elizondo: I don't believe there is one education or career track that an individual must take to become a Foreign Service officer.

    22.Video:Guy runs to class at FSI
    Mexico City Intern with FSO

    Audio:Narrator: Even if you're still in school, the State Department offers a number of ways for students from all academic backgrounds to gain hands-on experience through student employment programs.

    23.Video:Shots of Matt in office, then on camera for second and third sentences

    Audio:Bryza: When I was in college I began to think that joining the Foreign Service was the right career for me for a number of reasons, but I wasn't sure so I when I was in graduate school took an internship here at the State Department working in the Bureau of Political/Military Affairs. Not for a moment have I ever been bored in the Foreign Service. I know of no career that allows young ,people: A) to get the degree of responsibility that we do; but B) to actually live history in many cases.


    Audio:Thurston: It certainly would have to be one of the most interesting jobs in the world or I wouldn't have chosen it.


    Audio:Blankenship: This is what I do for a living. It's great!

    26.Video:Moscow reception
    Geri on phone
    Glen Davies in ops ctr
    Marion walking Zona Rosa
    Tony Arias at St. Basil's

    Audio:Narrator: So find out more about a career at the United States Department of State and experience the most interesting work . . . in the world.

    27.Video:Concluding graphic with people and globe.

    SUPER: Civil Service Employment Hotline (202) 647-7284.

    SUPER: Foreign Service Employment Hotline (703) 875-7490.

    SUPER: U.S. Department of State, Recruitment Division, Box 9317, Arlington, VA 22219


NOTE: As of January 2000, the new contact information for the Recruitment Division of the U.S. Department of State is:

U.S. Department of State
Recruitment Division
2401 E St, NW, 5H
Washington, DC  20522

Tel: (202) 261-8888
Fax: (202) 261-8841



The Department of State is committed to equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment for all without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabling condition, political affiliation, marital status, or prior statutory, constitutionally protected activity.

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