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Chapter 6: Performance Measures
How Will We Know When We Achieve Our IT Goals?


The Department is committed to achieving the vision for IT presented in this paper. To ensure that the program stays on track and produces the desired results, performance measures have been established for each of the five goals. The measures reflect the desired target state in 2005, as well as an interim progress check in 2002.

The table below highlights the key measures for each goal. As management plans are formulated, more specific measures and performance indicators will be established.




Secure Global Network

  • Secure, commercial-quality networking services available for a significant share of communication traffic
  • Full Internet access for all who need it
  • Enterprise management in place
  • All plans approved for security and back-up contingency
  • 100% of traffic handled by commercial-quality global network
  • Communication centers modernized and transformed at most posts

International Affairs

  • Significant shift in investment from administrative to substantive projects
  • Widespread use of biometrics for border security
  • Modeling tools and integrated databases for economic and political analysis
  • Continuing shift in investment
  • Widespread access to foreign policy databases within and outside the Department
  • Expert tools to support "what-if" and decision analysis

Integrated Messaging

  • Interim solutions –CableXpress, classified and unclassified e-mail – fully implemented
  • Plan for Messaging 2005 approved
  • Fully integrated messaging system replacement implemented worldwide
  • Positioned for multi-level security capabilities

Streamlined Administrative Applications

  • Worldwide logistics system deployed
  • Widespread use of commercial products and services for administrative processing
  • Integrated administrative data and MIS (e.g., finance, personnel, procurement)
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

Trained Productive Workforce

  • Plan adopted and executed for IT workforce management
  • Innovative training technologies widely used
  • Significant increase in FTE retention
  • Widespread and effective use of IT tools, databases, and services


Chapter 7: Issues

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