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Alan Lang was elected Chairperson of the Secretary's Open Forum for the 2000-2001 term. The first program of his tenure was the Washington debut of the film biography "Harry S Truman, 1884-1972."

The event was part of a two-day celebration that culminated with the dedication of the Harry S Truman Building by President Clinton, Secretary Albright, and members of Congress on Friday, September 22.

Open Forum Chairperson Alan Lang welcomes panelists:
Alan Lang welcomes panelists
[Left to right] Open Forum Chairperson Alan Lang; Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright; Grace Guggenheim, Guggenheim Productions; Larry J. Hackman, Director, Truman Library; Ambassador Philip M. Kaiser, member, Truman Administration

Alan Lang Introduces Secretary Albright:
Alan Lang at podium introduces Secretary Albright
Alan Lang introduces Secretary Albright.

Secretary Albright welcomes panelists, visitors, and State Department employees:
Secretary Albright welcomes panelists and audience
[Left to right] Secretary Albright; Grace Guggenheim; Larry J. Hackman; and Ambassador Philip M. Kaiser

Secretary Albright and Grace Guggenheim:
Secretary Albright and Grace Guggenheim

Secretary Albright shares a moment with a long-time friend. Secretary Albright warmly acknowledged that the two have known each other since Ms. Guggenheim was "three years old."

Perspectives on the Truman Administration: Anecdotes and Insights:
Larry Hackman applaudes Ambassador Kaiser
Larry J. Hackman joins the audience in applauding Ambassador Kaiser who shared humorous stories and keen insights about President Truman after the film.

Secretary Albright and Ambassador Kaiser:
Secretary Albright and Ambassador Philip Kaiser
The Secretary and Ambassador Kaiser reflect upon President Truman's rich legacy to America and the world.

Secretary Albright Acknowledges Audience:
Secretary Albright with audience
After the film, Secretary Albright acknowledges applause from the audience.

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