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    Around the World in a Lifetime

    Around the World in a Lifetime (AWAL) is a group of Foreign Service teenagers who provide support to their peers who are returning to live in the Washington area. Contact AWAL through the Education and Youth Officer at FLO

    The Art of International Living

    A new online bimonthly newsletter dedicated to helping family members from corporate, military, foreign service and international communities adjust to living overseas.

    Associates of American Foreign Service Worldwide

    Membership in this non-profit organization is open to all employees and adult family members of the Foreign Affairs agencies who have served or are subject to serve at a U.S. diplomatic mission. They advocate to improve the quality of Foreign Service life. They provide money for merit and financial scholarships for Foreign Service youth and assist community organizations in Washington, DC. For more information, contact them at:

    5125 MacArthur Boulevard NW
    Suite 36
    Washington, DC 20016

    Telephone: 2902-362-6514
    Fax: 202-362-6589

    Diplotots Child Care Center

    Located at Columbia Plaza, the Center offers care for infants from 6 weeks old up to kindergarten students 5 years old. Older students can be accommodated during school closings, holidays, and summer camp. There is drop-in care on a space available basis. For more information, contact:

    Mr. Chris Zinaich
    Center Director
    Executive Child Development Center at Diplotots
    2401 E Street NW
    Washington, DC 20522-0101

    Telephone: 202-663-3555
    Fax: 202-663-3572

    Expat Exchange

    This website, newly merged with The Overseas Digest an online newsletter, is a resource for information, employment, services and shopping overseas. It also lists several pages of other websites of interest to Americans living overseas.

    Foreign Service

    This website offers email services, classified advertisements by regions, useful Internet links and a community bulletin board.

    Foreign Service Lifelines

    This website for the Foreign Service community is managed by Foreign Service spouses.

    Foreign Service Youth Foundation

    This is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, advocacy, and outreach activities for the internationally mobile youth of all U.S. Foreign Affairs agencies. They support youth and their parents in the Washington, DC area and at Foreign Service posts abroad. For more information, contact them at:

    PO Box 39185
    Washington, DC 20016

    Telephone: 301-404-6655
    E-mail: Melanie Newhouse, FSYFadm@aol.com

    • Assignment Washington (July 1995)
    • Education Options for Foreign Service Family Members (February 1996)
    • Employment Options for Foreign Service Family Members (August 1993)
    • Overseas Employment Information for Teachers (June 1996)
    • Washington Area Schools: Admission Requirements and Programs of Interest (April 1996)

    Overseas Briefing Center

    Overseas Briefing Center
    Foreign Service Institute
    Room E2126
    4000 Arlington Boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22204-1500
    Tele: (703) 302-7277
    FAX: (703) 302-7452
    Intranet: http://fsiweb.fsi.state.gov/obc
    E-mail: FSIOBCInfoCenter@state.gov

    The Sun

    The SUN, or Sojourners' Network, maintains a fun and informative three-part website for people living overseas: Tales from a Small Planet, an online literary and humor magazine; The Sojourners' Network, a resource center; and Real Post Reports, honest commentaries and information about posts abroad from "real people" living there. On this website you can also join the SUN's e-mail group, solarpower, a way to connect with other diplomats and expats.

    TCK World

    A website dedicated to the support and understanding of Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Military Brats, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service and Corporate Kids, International Exchange Students, and others who have lived as children in foreign cultures.

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