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Publications Program Overview

Foreign Service people often find themselves half way around the world without the equivalent of the Yellow Pages, without an adequate library, and needing to research a life question. FLO’s Publications Program was established to help make information more easily available, especially for those questions that are created by or made more complicated by the Foreign Service lifestyle. In addition to the Direct Communication Project, FLO publishes a biannual newsletter, the FS Direct, and a professional journal for CLO Coordinators, the FLO Focus.

Requests for materials are accepted in person, in writing, or by phone, fax, or e-mail. Most Community Liaison Offices will also be able to supply copies of FLO’s publications.

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Direct Communication Project

The Direct Communication Project provides information directly to Foreign Service family members and employees. Please complete and return this form to the Family Liaison Office to indicate your interest in being on the Direct Communication Project mailing list or to request current information.

*NOTE: Some publications are in PDF format. To view, click the Adobe icon Get Acrobat Reader to download FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. Or, convert the PDF document to HTML: note the file's URL displayed at the bottom of browser screen by placing the cursor over the document title. Go to: http://www.adobe.com/
and type the file's URL into the form on the page.
Mailing Information

  Yes, please add my name to the mailing list so that I will receive the newsletter, FS Direct, plus new and updated material from the Direct Communication Project.

  No, I am no longer interested in receiving information from the Direct Communication Project.



City State Zip

  Please change my address to the one above on the Direct Communication Projet mailing list.

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Resource Request:
Please send me the items indicated (click on box to select or click to go directly to the underlined issues)

1. Washington Area Schools: Admission Requirements and Programs of Interest (paper)

2. Bilateral Work Agreements and De Facto Work Arrangements for FS Family Members (paper)

3. Bringing a Household Employee Back to the U.S. (a collection of papers)

4. Caring for Elderly Parents (paper)

5. Directory of Accredited Child Care Programs in the Washington Metropolitan Region (booklet)

6. Contingency Planning for Single Parents and Tandem Couples with Children (paper)

7. Education Information Resources in the Department of State (paper)

8. Employment Factors for USG Family Members Overseas (chart)

9. Executive Order 12721 on Noncompetitive Eligibility (paper)

10. Evacuation Plan: Don't Leave Home Without It! (pamphlet)

11. Family Member Skills Bank Packet (in revision)

12. FAST-TRAIN Foreign Affairs Spouses Teacher Training Project (brochure)

13. Foreign Service Assignment Notebook (booklet)

14. According to My Passport I'm Coming Home (book)

15. Foreign Service Youth Foundation (brochure)

16. Functional Training for FS Family Members (paper)

17. Guidelines for Describing Volunteer Activities (paper)

18. How to Prepare Your SF-171 (paper)

19. What Do I Do Now? A Sourcebook on Regulations, Allowances, and Finances

20. Overseas Briefing Center Course List

21. Overseas Employment Information for Teachers (paper)

22. Separate Maintenance Allowance: Questions and Answers (paper)

23. Adoption Guidelines for the FS Family (in revision)

24. Education Options for FS Family Members (workbook)

25. The Foreign Service Family and Divorce (booklet)

26. Assignment Washington (booklet)

27. The Challenge of Change (paper)

28. Adult Education Opportunities (paper)

29. Employment Options for FS Family Members (workbook)

30. The Home Study Option for FS Children (paper)

31. Baby, You Can Drive My Car: A Guide to Obtaining a Drivers' License in the Washington Area (paper)

32. Thriving as a Foreign Service Spouse (paper)

33. Family Member Appointment (FMA) (brochure)

34. Welcome Back: Evacuation Information (booklet)

This material is specific to Foreign Service employees and their families.

Our materials are in the public domain. We ask that you credit our office if you use them.

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For further information contact the Family Liaison Office

For more information contact the Family Liaison Office

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