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A World of Decent Work: Labor Diplomacy for the New Century

Report of the Advisory Committee on Labor Diplomacy to the Secretary of State and the President of the United States, September 2000




Executive Summary


The Labor Diplomacy Program
     Overview of the Labor Diplomacy Program
     Labor Positions Overseas
     Labor-Related Positions at the State Department
     FY 2001 Budget Request
     Authority Over Labor Officers
     Organization and Career Path of Foreign Service Officers and of Labor Officers
     The Labor Department/State Department Exchange Program
     Labor Training at the State Department
     Strategic Planning at the State Department

Recommendations for Effective Labor Diplomacy in the 21st Century
     Recommendation 1:  The Role of the Ambassador in Labor Diplomacy
     Recommendation 1.1:  The President's Letter of Instruction to Ambassadors
     Recommendation 1.2:  Consultations

     Recommendation 2:  The Role of Labor Officers in the Missions and the Number of Labor Officers
     Recommendation 2.1:  New Labor Officer Positions
     Recommendation 2.2:  Key Senior Labor Officer Positions
     Recommendation 2.3:  Labor Officers' Time Spent on Labor Issues
     Recommendation 2.4:  Labor Officer Placement and the Embassy "Country Team"
     Recommendation 2.5:  Support for Labor Officers
         Information Technology
         A Labor Travel Fund
         Human Resource Support at Missions

     Recommendation 3:  Expansion and Development of the Cadre of Labor Officers and Recruitment of Foreign Service Generalists
     Recommendation 3.1:  The Labor Promotion Track
     Recommendation 3.2:  Recruitment of Generalist Foreign Service Officers into Labor Positions
     Recommendation 3.3:  Diversity in the Foreign Service
     Recommendation 3.4:  Labor and Other Global Experience as a Factor in the Ambassadorial
     Selection Process
     Recommendation 3.5:  The Joint Award for Excellence in Labor Diplomacy
     Recommendation 3.6:  The "Up or Out" System
     Recommendation 3.7:  Hiring Persons with Labor Expertise into the Mid-Level Ranks
     Recommendation 3.8:  Limited Non-Career Appointments
     Recommendation 3.9:  Placement of Organized Labor Representatives on the Selection

     Recommendation 4:  The Labor Department's Role in the Labor Diplomacy Program      Recommendation 4.1:  A New Interagency Labor Diplomacy Committee
     Recommendation 4.2:  The Role of the Labor Department with
     Respect to Overseas Labor Positions
     Recommendation 4.3:  Labor Department/State Department Exchange Program

     Recommendation 5:  The Labor Function in Washington
     Recommendation 5.1:  The Responsibility of the Special Representative for International Labor
     Affairs for Labor Officers
     Recommendation 5.2:  The Permanence of the Special Representative Position
     Recommendation 5.3:  Ambassador-at-Large Status for the Special Representative
     Recommendation 5.4:  The Resources of the International Labor Affairs Office
     Recommendation 5.5:  Placement of a Senior Regional Labor Advisor
     in Each Regional Bureau
     Recommendation 5.6:  Placement of a Labor Advisor in the Economic and Business Affairs
     Recommendation 5.7:  The International Organization Bureau Officer Covering the ILO
     Recommendation 5.8:  Labor in the Strategic Planning Process

     Recommendation 6:  Increasing Awareness of Labor Issues at All Levels of the State Department
     Recommendation 6.1:  Labor-Related Training in the State Department
     Recommendation 6.2:  The Annual Worldwide Labor Officers Conference


Biographies of Members of the Advisory Committee on Labor Diplomacy

[end of document]


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