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Fiscal Year 2001 International Narcotics
and Law Enforcement Affairs Budget
Congressional Presentation

Released by the Bureau for International Narcotics and
Law Enforcement Affairs, April 2000

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Program Development and Support

Budget Summary ($000)
 FY 1999 Actual FY 2000 Estimated  FY 2001 Request
     8,800     9,300     11,500



The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is charged with developing strategies and programs to achieve international counternarcotics and criminal justice policy objectives. The INL Bureau maintains a cadre of program and technical experts to carry out its initiatives, both overseas and domestically. Washington staff activities include but are not limited to the following: overall policy formulation, guidance and analysis; developing, guiding, evaluating and backstopping programs overseas; conducting periodic visits to embassy narcotics affairs sections to review, analyze, and make recommendations on programs and funds control; developing or sponsoring management control seminars for overseas staff; developing training programs for new personnel; and coordinating policy and programs with other agencies and governments.

Program Development and Support (PD&S) funds provide for the domestic administrative operating costs associated with the Washington-based INL staff. More than 70 per cent of the requested PD&S funds will be used for salaries and benefits of direct-hire INL employees, in addition to other part-time employees, contractors, reimbursable support personnel and re-hired annuitants. Currently, these funds support 99 domestic direct-hire staff. Another nine domestic positions are not funded from PD&S; one is based in Miami and is funded from Latin America Regional program funds, and the rest are in direct support of interregional aviation activities and are therefore funded from that portion of INL's budget.

Staff travel is also provided under PD&S funding and is essential to review and evaluate the many programs INL supports worldwide, as well as to promote and advance international counternarcotics and criminal justice foreign policy objectives. In addition, PD&S funds are used for the following: other services including computer service personnel, computer maintenance and payments to the U.S. Department of State for the support services it provides; utilities, primarily telephone; computer equipment, software and office furniture; printing and reproduction (e.g., the Congressional Presentation Document and the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report); and supplies and materials.

Headquarters staff provides administrative support to personnel working on anticrime functions of INL. However, salaries and expenses of these staff are funded by the Department of State's Diplomatic and Consular Programs account. The PD&S budget request for FY 2001 will also cover the annualized portion of wage increases for 20 INL positions that are planned to be filled during FY 2000 and FY 2001 to improve program oversight and expanded programs. In addition, the request will cover the annual government-wide cost of living adjustment approved by Congress, justified promotions and in-grade step increases, employee transfer costs, office renovation expenses, upgrading information management systems, and inflation.

FY 2001 Direct-Hire Staffing

INL is requesting funding by the INC account for a total of 148 permanent positions. This does not include the Assistant Secretary whose salary is paid for by the Department's Diplomatic and Consular Programs account, and 14 positions dedicated to anticrime programs that are also funded through the Diplomatic and Consular Programs account. The INC-funded positions are distributed as follows:

American LocalTotal
Washington, DC   98    0   98
Miami, FL     1    0     1
Subtotal   99    0   99
Bahamas     1    0     1
Barbados     1    0     1
Belgium     1    0     1
Bolivia     4    3     7
Brazil     1    0     1
Colombia     6    3     9
Ecuador     1    1     2
Guatemala     1    1     2
Jamaica     1    0     1
Laos     1    0     1
Mexico     2    2     4
Nigeria     1    0     1
Pakistan     2    2     4
Panama     1    0     1
Peru     4    2     6
Russia     1    0     1
South Africa     1    0     1
Thailand     1    3     4
Venezuela     1    0     1
Subtotal   32  17   49
Total 135  17 148

Program Development and Support
INL Budget ($000)

     FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001
Salaries and Benefits      
     Direct hire Staff      5,594        5,900       6,800
     Other Staff (contract, reimb.,
        457           460          600
     Subtotal      6,051        6,360       7,400
Travel and Transportation of Persons and Things         247           290          300
Rents, Communications and Utilities         146           150          200
Printing and Reproduction         154           150          200
Other Services      2,101        2,200       2,600
Supplies and Materials           62             80          300
Equipment           39             70          500
Total      8,800        9,300     11,500

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