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Notice to Research Vessel Operators No. 121

Subject: New Application Forms Required for Requesting Authorization to Conduct
Marine Scientific Research in the Republic of Maldives.

Released by the Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental
and Scientific Affairs, December 1998.

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Following this summary, please find a copy of the new form 
required by the Republic of the Maldives for requesting 
authorization to conduct marine scientific research within 
their jurisdiction.  The form requests information 
generally in compliance with the UN Convention on the Law 
of the Sea.  This document is required in addition to 
materials required by NTRVO No. 67.

Since there is no stated prior notice requirement for 
research vessel clearance requests for the Maldives, it is 
required that all clearance requests for the Maldives be 
submitted to the Department of State at least three months 
prior to the proposed start of research, and in compliance 
with the "UNOLS Handbook for International Operations of 
U.S. Research Vessels."



1. Name and address of research organization, and its 

2. Name and address of sponsoring organization, and its 

3. Whether the Organization is a government agency or a 
private institution.

4. Full title of the research project, program or activity.

5. Nature, objectives and schedule of research project and 

6. Name and address of persons in charge of the project, 
personnel details of all research.  Submit CVs wherever 

7. The precise geographical areas/locations in which the 
research project is to be conducted.

8. a) Complete schedule of research activities, including 
expected date of commencement and termination of the 
Research project.  Arrivals and departure or removal of 
personnel, installations and other equipment and vessel to 
be used.

(b) Details of the equipment to be used for the research 
(the make and capabilities of the equipment should be 

(c) Detail information on the amount of samples to be taken 
for scientific analysis, (indicate whether the samples will 
be analyzed locally or exported to another country).

(d) After the samples are taken, where do you intend to 
conduct research proper.

10.  Number of persons that could be represented or 
participated in the marine scientific research project 
without payment of any remuneration and without delegation 
to contribute towards the cost of the project.

11.  Provide information on similar research carried out by 
the Applicant elsewhere. (Provide relevant literature.)

12.  a) Impact on marine environment if any, as a result of 
the activities specified in this application, and 

(b) Measures that will be taken for the protection and 
preservation of the marine environment during the 
completion of the research project.

13. If local participation is to be involved in the 
research project, please give details, the nature and the 
extent of their participation and their proposal.

14. Please indicate if the result of the marine scientific 
research project carried out would be made available 
internationally and whether it would be used for commercial 

I hereby confirm that the above information provided by me 
is true.  In case the said information is known to be false 
I understand that legal action will be taken against me, in 
addition to any other appropriate action taken by the 
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.  I also undertake, 
if given permission to obey and comply with all the terms 
and conditions subject to which the permission for Marine 
Scientific Research in the Republic of Maldives is granted.



Note:  Wherever the space provided is not adequate, please 
supply the required information fully in a separate sheet, 
giving reference to the number in the application form and 
attach same to the form.

[end of document]


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