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Notice to Research Vessel Operators No. 75

Subject: Guyana - Regulations for Research Clearance in Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone and Entry into the Port of Georgetown.
Released by the Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, January 20, 1988.


The following regulations governing marine scientific research in Guyana's territorial waters or Exclusive Economic Zone and entry into the port of Georgetown were issued in 1986:

1) Requests for clearance must be submitted at least three months before the expected date of arrival of any vessel in port or into Guyana's waters. The requests must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through this office. In order to meet the deadline with sufficient time for processing, applications should reach this office at least four months in advance.

2) Specific details must include:

(A) Name of vessel

(B) Length of vessel, draft, and displacement

(C) Radio signal (call sign)

(D) Captain

(E) Head of expedition/research

(F) Number of crew

(G) Number of scientific personnel

(H) Date of expected entry into port or Guyana's waters

(I) Specific period of intended stay in port and/or Guyana's waters.

(J) Area in which research is to be undertaken

(K) Equipment to be carried on board the vessel for purposes of the research.

(L) Specific details of the research program

The standard format for submission of research clearances should be sufficient to meet Guyana's requirements. (See NTRVO #67, January 14, 1985).

3) A copy of the raw data and final report, in English, must be provided to the Government of Guyana. This should be submitted through this office.

4) Facilities must be provided for scientific personnel of Guyana to participate in the research program. American marine scientists are encouraged to include local scientists in the research planning and research cruise at the earliest possible time. Such participation will usually facilitate obtaining the necessary clearance.

5) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be kept fully informed of all changes. Changes, if any, should be submitted to this office in a timely fashion.

6) The ministry must be formally notified when the vessel has left the port of Georgetown or has departed Guyana's waters. The vessel may notify the American Embassy in Georgetown directly when it is leaving port; all other notices should be transmitted to the Embassy's telex No.: 213 AMEMSY GY.

[end of document]


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