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Notice to Research Vessel Operators No. 80

Subject: Seychelles - Format for Clearance Requests.
Released by the Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, January 22, 1988.


The American Embassy in Victoria has been informed by the Government of the Seychelles that clearance requests must follow a designated format. Please submit requests to this office with the usual minimum three months lead time following this format:

1. Name and address of applicant:

2. Name and address of main sponsoring organization:

3. Details of available finance:

- Sponsoring organization
- Value of grant available

4. Summary of research activity intended to be carried out in Seychelles:

5. Dates of visit - arrival: departure:

6. Number of researchers/assistants in your party:

7. Internal travel in Seychelles:

(A) By normal scheduled transport?
(B) By special vessel? Please specify vessel:

8. Do you propose to use any radio transmission equipment during your visit (e.g. radio transmitter, walkie talkie)? Yes No

    If yes, please give the following details:
      Type of radio         Transmitter           Power
      Frequency             No. of transmitters

Please state the reasons why this equipment is necessary.

9. Names of Islands to be visited in connection with your research:

10. Do you propose to collect specimens and/or samples:

If yes, please complete following:

Description of specimen/sample (please specify scientific name where appropriate)
Quantity to be collected

11. Will you be taking any photographs during your visit?

A. Still photography?
B. Cine photography?
C. Aerial photography?

12. Permission to carry out research activities in Seychelles is conditional on a guarantee by you that you will present to NRDC 5 free copies of any document, including articles, reports, etc., published on any aspect of your visit to Seychelles. Are you prepared to give this guarantee?

13. Have you been in touch with any person in Seychelles in connection with this application?

If yes, please state the name of the officer with whom you have been in touch.



The standard format (NTRVO #67, January 14, 1985) should be used to cover any additional information.

[end of document]


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