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Notice to Research Vessel Operators No. 97
(This Notice cancels NTRVO No. 82)

Subject: Regulations for Research Vessels calling at Brazilian Ports When Not Engaged in Research in Brazilian Waters.
Released by the Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, December 21, 1990.


OES/OA has been advised by our Embassy in Brasilia, that official requests are required by U.S. marine scientific research vessels proposing to call in Brazilian ports, and that the following information must be provided for port call requests even when not engaged in research activities in Brazilian waters. Port calls for vessels engaged in research are covered by Article 19 of Brazilian Presidential Decree No. 96,000 (NTRVO No. 84). Therefore, NTRVO No. 82 is no longer necessary, and is canceled:

1) Name of ship

2) Ship flag

3) Type of ship

4) Identification markings

5) International radio call sign

6) Last port visited and dates

7) Ports to be visited in Brazil

Nature of visits (official, non-official, operational)

Dates of arrivals and departures

8) Next port of call and dates

9) Name and rank of ship's Master

10) Number of crew by category (officers, seamen, scientists, civilians)

11) Dimensions of ship: length, beam, draft, displacement

12) Type of airplanes aboard

13) Maximum speed and propulsion

14) If ship proposes to use radio transmission in Brazilian territorial waters, specify frequency, type of emission, power, and hours of transmission

15) Affirm that no research will be conducted in Brazilian waters

The stated lead-time requirement is 90 days. Therefore it is required that port call requests be submitted to the Department of State at least four months prior to proposed port call, and in compliance with the "UNOLS Handbook for International Operations of U.S. Scientific Research Vessels."

[end of document]


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