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07/97: Summary Report on the Second Meeting of the UNHCR Inter-Agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations, Geneva, Switzerland
09/30/00: Julia V. Taft, Remarks, Biannial General Meeting of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), Washington, DC
11/18/99: Julia V. Taft, Remarks, Rice University, Houston, TX (Humanitarian Action on the Cusp of the Millennium)
09/30/99: Julia V. Taft, Testimony, House International Committee, Washington, DC (Situation in Timor)
08/04/99: Julia V. Taft, Testimony, Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington, DC (FY 2000 Refugee Admissions Program)
07/25/99: Marguerite Rivera Houze, Remarks, Houston, Texas (10th Anniversary of the U.S. Vietnamese Agreement for the Release and Resettlement of Vietnamese Political Prisoners)
07/14/99: Julia Taft, Remarks, UN ECOSOC, Geneva, Switzerland (Humanitarian Issues)
04/30/99: Julia V. Taft, Press Briefing, Washington, DC (Kosovo Refugees)
04/23/99: 1-800 Number Established for Relocating Kosovar Refugees
03/29/99: Julia Taft, Briefing, Washington, DC (Humanitarian Situation in Kosovo)
03/09/99: Julia Taft, Statement, Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights, House International Relations Committee, Washington, DC (Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Request)
10/08/98: Julia Taft, 49th Session of the UNHCR Executive Committee, Geneva, Switzerland (U.S. Statement on International Protection)
10/05/98: Julia Taft, 49th Session of the UNHCR Executive Committee, Geneva, Switzerland (U.S. Plenary Statement)
10/02/98: Julia Taft, Question-and-Answer, U.S.I.A.(U.S. Government Humanitarian Assistance in Kosovo)
08/03/98: Michele Klein-Solomon, American Bar Association, Toronto, Canada, (Dispute Resolution and World Crises: Famine, Refugees, Financial Meltdown, Environmental Disasters)
06/25/98: U.S. Delegation, Statement, UNHCR, Standing Committee on International Protection of Refugees, Geneva, Switzerland (International Community's Responsibility Toward Protecting Refugees)
03/24/98: Alan Kreczko, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, House Judiciary Committee, Washington, DC (H.R. 2431: The Freedom From Religious Persecution Act)
02/27/98: Margaret McKelvey, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts (The Agony of Relief? Reconsidering Humanitarian Aid and Development)
02/24/98: Julia Taft, Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights, House Committee on International Relations, Washington, DC (FY 1999 Budget Request)

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03/97: U.S. Policy Initiatives Related to Refugee Women
07/06/99: Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with the Taliban

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