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12/15/99: Fact Sheet: Resources for American Security
12/11/99: Worldwide Caution: Terrorist Threat
11/02/99: Ambassador Mike Sheehan, Testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs (Terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia)
10/19/99: Ambassador Holbrooke's Remarks on Terrorism
08/04/99: Ambassador Mike Sheehan, Deputy Assistant Secretary Peter Bergin, and Assistant Secretary Pat Kennedy, Briefing, Update of Counterterrorism and Security Actions
07/23/99: Michael Sheehan, Confirmation Hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
06/18/99: State Department Hosts Counterterrorism Conference
04/30/99: Secretary Albright: Statement on release of "Patterns of Global Terrorism 1998" report
04/30/99: Michael Sheehan, Briefing on release of "Patterns of Global Terrorism 1998" report
02/04/99: Secretary Albright, Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, State, the Judiciary and Related Agencies (U.S. efforts to counter the forces of international terror)

10/21/98: White House Statement (Presidential Determination No. 99-1: Fight Against Terrorism)
09/21/98: President Clinton, Opening Session, UN General Assembly, New York (Fight Against Terrorism)
09/09/98: Secretary Albright, American Legion, New Orleans, Louisiana (International Terrorism)
05/18/98: U.S.-EU Summit: Shared Objectives and Close Cooperation on Counterterrorism

05/15/97: Kenneth McKune, Subcommittee on Africa, Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Sudan and Terrorism)
05/15/97: George Moose, Subcommittee on Africa, Senate Foreign Relations Committee (U.S. Counterterrorism Policy Toward Sudan)
05/14/97: Peter Bergin, House Subcommittee on Crime during National Police Week
05/13/97: Secretary Albright, Senate Appropriations Committee (Terrorism)
04/30/97: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., Special Briefing on the Release of Patterns of Global Terrorism 1996
03/12/97: Ambassadors Philip Wilcox, Jr. and Eric Boswell, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and State (U.S. Efforts To Combat International Terrorism)
02/28/97: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., House Committee on National Security
02/28/97: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., 15th Annual Government/Industry Conference on Terrorism

09/12/96: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., Denver Council on Foreign Relations (International Terrorism)
08/05/96: President Clinton, George Washington University (American Security in a Changing World)
07/25/96: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., House Committee on International Relations (Syrian Support for Terrorism)
04/24/96: President Clinton, Antiterrorism Bill
04/24/96: President Clinton, Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996
03/05/96: Ambassador Philip Wilcox, Jr., House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (Combatting International Terrorism)

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