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Great Seal United States and Argentina Announce
Expanded Cooperation on E-Commerce

Press Release, International Trade Administration
Department of Commerce, August 10, 2000

Secretary of Science and Technology Dante Caputo and U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Robert LaRussa concluded fruitful discussions that expands U.S.-Argentine cooperation on e-commerce.

"We are teaming up to carry out a comprehensive array of programs aimed at increasing the benefits that Argentine citizens can realize from the Internet," Under Secretary LaRussa said. "This mutual cooperation further demonstrates the power of trade and technology to bridge borders, shaping a future of more prosperity for the people of both our countries."

The two governments, in partnership with the private sector, will significantly intensify ongoing cooperation to:

  • Empower more Argentine and American citizens through their connection to the Internet so that fewer miss out on valuable opportunities for education, employment, government, health care services, and communication available via the Internet.

  • Ensure businesses from the two countries compete more effectively by increasing productivity and accessing global markets through information technology and use of e-commerce tools.
Specifically, elements of this expanded cooperation are expected to include:
  • Getting Connected Seminar. A program in Argentina will be organized to focus on the significant benefits and opportunities of Internet connectivity for the Argentine public.

  • Strategic Partners Conference. The United States will host a conference in Silicon Valley, California, to promote Internet use and e-commerce opportunities in Argentina. Participating companies will include: dot.coms, venture capitalists, software developers, and other Argentine and U.S. sectors involved with e-commerce. Special emphasis will be placed on increasing Argentine participation in e-commerce by bringing small- and medium- sized businesses together to explore business opportunities and promoting more Spanish language content.

  • Continuation of Small Business Program. Both governments agreed to expand the nationwide series of seminars and distance-learning events focused on how to do business with the United States that have already attracted 2000 Argentine small- and medium- sized businesses in eight cities throughout Argentina. In partnership with the private sector, this program emphasizes the legal, financial, customs, and logistical issues related to bilateral trade and present tools, techniques, and strategies for using the Internet and e-commerce to participate in international trade.
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