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The State Department's Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy (ACIEP) serves the U.S. Government in a solely advisory capacity by providing a forum for discussion of issues and problems in international economic policy. The Committee includes distinguished representatives from business, labor, environmental, academic and other public interest groups.

Full ACIEP meetings take place quarterly and are open to the public unless indicated otherwise in the pertinent Federal Register notice. Members of current subgroups, one on sanctions, the other on civil society and economic agreements, meet more frequently. Meetings of the Advisory Committee are open to the public. However, participants' statements are not for attribution.

R. Michael Gadbaw, Vice President and Senior Counsel, General Electric Corporation, is Chairman. C. Fred Bergsten, Director of the Institute for International Economics, and Steve Beckman, International Economist, United Auto Workers Union, are Vice Chairmen.

Background Papers
10/26/00: Colombia: Emerging Market Economy/Democracy
10/26/00: Corporate Ethics and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
10/26/00: Global Information Economy Working Group
10/26/00: Priority Democracy: Nigeria Economic Outlook and Prospects

Minutes of Meetings
11/31/00 | 06/12/00 | 11/23/99 | 07/14/99 | 02/10/99 |

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