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 Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
Combating Bribery and Corruption

Suspicious Banking Activities
[World Bank Report]
Actions Against Abuse of the Global Financial System
[G-7 Finance Ministers' Report, Kyushu-Okinawa G-8 2000 Summit]
Battling International Bribery 2000 Report Adobe pdf reader/html conversion [.pdf file]
Battling International Bribery 1999 Report
1999 Final Conference Report
[Global Forum on Fighting Corruption]
1999 OECD/USAID Final Report
[Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies: The Role of the Private Sector]
UNDP Report
[Corruption and Integrity Improvement Initiatives in Developing Countries]

Official Text
01/17/01: Financial Institutions: Foreign Officials Inquiry
11/20/00: Luis J. Lauredo, Andean Summit on the Fight Against Corruption, Cartagena, Colombia (The Role of the Media)
10/17/00: Fact Sheet on Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption
09/28/00: Rob Boone, Statement, Working Group on Probity and Public Ethics, Organization of American States Washington, DC (Inter-American Convention Against Corruption)
06/29/00: E. Anthony Wayne, Remarks, Foreign Press Center, Washington, DC (Second Annual Report On Implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention)
06/29/00: Press Statement, Battling International Bribery 2000
06/22/00: Lawrence H. Summers, Secretary of the Treasury, Statement, Paris, France (Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Report of Non-Cooperative Countries)
05/02/00: Alan Larson, Testimony, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (Inter-American Convention Against Corruption)
05/00: Department of State Publication 10731 (Fighting Global Corruption: Business Risk Management) Adobe pdf reader/html conversion [.pdf file]
03/23/00: Rob Boone, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Washington, DC
02/11/00: Notice to the Press: Special Briefing on International Anti-Corruption Efforts
12/19/97: Remarks, Secretary Albright, Paris, France (Signing Ceremony of the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Convention)
11/21/97: Press Statement (OECD Anti-Bribery Convention)
03/06/97: Bribery in International Business Transactions
03/29/96: Inter-American Convention Against Corruption

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Note: OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. On 31 July 1998 the U.S. Senate approved both the OECD Convention and the implementing legislation. The U.S. deposited its instrument of ratification with the OECD Secretary-General on December 8, 1998. The legislation is available at FCPA, Department of Justice, International Agreements Relating to Bribery of Foreign Officials.

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