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Official Texts 1999
12/21/99: Alan Larson, Closing Remarks, Inaugural Corporate Excellence Awards, Washington, DC
12/21/99: Secretary Albright, Remarks, Inaugural Corporate Excellence Awards to Francis Schaffer, President, F.C. Schaffer & Associates, and to Richard Thoman, Chief Executive Offices, Xerox Corporation, Washington, DC
12/10/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, European Institute, Washington, DC (Working Together to Meet Economic Challenges)
12/08/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC (The Role of Energy in U.S. Foreign and Security Policy)
12/07/99: E. Anthony Wayne for Stuart Eizenstat, 10th Annual Excellence in Diplomacy Awards Luncheon, Washington DC (Acceptance Speech)
10/26/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, World Affairs Council, Charlotte, NC (Working Together for Shared Prosperity)
10/21/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, Labor, Business, and Agricultural NGOs, Washington, DC (U.S. Goals for Seattle WTO Ministerial and a New Round)
10/06/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC (Corporate Responsibility and Globalization Panel: Managing for the Future)
10/03/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, Industry Advisory Council, Richmond, VA (1999 Executive Leadership Council)
09/29/99: Bryan Samuel, Testimony, House Committee on International Relations (Transatlantic Trade Agenda)
09/22/99: Alan Larson, Remarks, Konrad Adenauer Foundations, Washington, DC (The Future of Transatlantic Economic Relations: Beyond Beef, Bananas, and Biotechnology Disputes)
07/01/99: Stuart Eizenstat, Testimony, Washington (Use of Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool)
06/30/99: Stuart Eizenstat and David Aaron of Commerce, OECD Convention on Anti-Bribery, Washington
06/12/99: President Clinton Address at the University of Chicago, Illinois (Global Economy)
06/04/99: Amb. Vonya B. McCann, Remarks, AFCOM Ministerial, Arlington, VA (Electronic Commerce)
06/02/99: Stuart E. Eizenstat, Japan Society, New York (U.S.-Japan Relations)
05/27/99: Stuart E. Eizenstat, Testimony, Washington, DC (Economic Sanctions)
05/20/99: Alan P. Larson, Governor's Conference, Iowa, Des Moines (US-EU Trade Relations)
05/06/99: Alan P. Larson, State Department Town Meeting, Washington, DC (Harnessing Globalization)
04/29/99: Alan P. Larson, United Nations, New York (Social and Political Foundations of Resilient Economies)
04/29/99: Amb. Vonya McCann, Remarks, Foreign Law Society, Washington DC (Telecom Trade)
04/28/99: Stuart E. Eizenstat and Rick Newcomb, Washington, DC (Economic Sanctions)
04/27/99: Alan P. Larson, Summit, Houston, Texas (Attracting Capital to Africa)
04/06/99: Stuart E. Eizenstat, Washington, DC (Future of U.S.-EU Relationship)
03/25/99: Amb. Vonya McCann, Statement, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (INTELSAT and Inmarsat Restructuring)
03/23/99: Alan P. Larson, Testimony (Caribbean Basin Trade Enhancement Act)
03/19/99: David Marchick, Frankfurt, Germany (Transportation Challenges in the 21st Century)
03/15/99: Stuart E. Eizenstat, Testimony, Washington, DC (Agricultural Trade Issues)
03/09/99: Alan P. Larson, U.S.-Cuba Business Council Conference, Coral Gables, Florida (Property Rights in Cuba)
02/16/99: Alan P. Larson, Institute for World Affairs, Milwaukee (Globalization)
02/12/99: Alan P. Larson, Rancho Mirage, CA (Agriculture: Economic Sanctions, Global Financial Crisis, and Trade)

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