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Remarks, Testimony and Speeches

This includes speeches, statements, and special briefings by principal State Department officials on a variety of policy issues and major events. Links to daily briefings, press statements, and Secretary Albright's statements are at the end of this page.

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97/01/03 Eizenstat, Briefing on Cuba
97/01/09 Burns, U.S. Request for Diplomatic Immunity Regarding Republic of Georgia
97/01/09 Larson, Remarks on U.S.-Japan Economic Cooperation


97/02/03 Larson, Remarks on U.S. Commercial Diplomacy: Meeting the Challenge of the 21st Century
97/02/05 Gati, Assessing Current and Projected Threats
97/02/05 Claussen, UNEP's 19th Governing Council
97/02/13 Shattuck, Statement on Religious Freedom Abroad
97/02/13 Bader, Testimony on Hong Kong
97/02/14 Gelbard, Testimony on U.S. Counternarcotics Policy Toward Colombia
97/02/14 Larson, Remarks to the National Conference of Editorial Writers
97/02/20 Larson, Address before the American-Turkish Council on Economic Cooperation
97/02/24 Various, Special Briefing on the Enlargement of NATO
97/02/25 Wirth, Food Security: An Investment in Our Future
97/02/26 Kartman, Testimony on U.S. Policy Toward North Korea
97/02/28 Ranneberger, U.S. Policy in Cuba
97/02/28 Wilcox, Statement before House Committee
97/02/28 Gelbard, Remarks at State Department Press Briefing


97/03/04 Wirth, Address before the De Lange Woodlands Conference on Sustainable Development: Managing the Transition
97/03/04 Sasser, Address to the Asia Society, Engaging China
97/03/06 Itoh, Address to Asia Society on the U.S.-Thailand Bilateral Relationship
97/03/10 Wolf, Address to the Awashima Forum on APEC
97/03/11 Larson, Address to the European Institute on the Transatlantic Marketplace and Global Challenges
97/03/11 Oakley, Address on the FY 1998 Refugee Budget Request
97/03/12 Wilcox/Boswell, Statements on Resources needed to Combat International Terrorism
97/03/12 Gelbard, International Narcotics Threat, U.S. & Mexico
97/03/13 Oakley, Address to the Second Meeting of the Regional Consultations on Migration
97/03/17 Gaer, Statement of Racism
97/03/17 Davidow, Remarks on Challenge and Responsibility of Freedom
97/03/18 Bader, Statement to the Senate on China after Deng Xiaoping
97/03/19 Lyman, Testimony on Funding for International Organizations and Conferences for FY 1998
97/03/19 Davidow, Testimony on Administration's Foreign Policy Objectives in Latin America
97/03/20 Arborgast, Integrated Sustainable Development
97/03/20 Gelbard, International Narcotics Control Budget & Program
97/03/24 Arriaga, Implementation of the Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief
97/03/25 Loftis, Contemporary Forms of Slavery; Traffic in Women and Girls
97/03/26 Kuehl, Torture, Arbitrary Detention, and Freedom of Expression


97/04/01 Richardson, Address to the UN Human Rights Commission
97/04/02 Rubin, Promoting the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Women
97/04/04 Larson, Address to Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission on Japanese Deregulation
97/04/05 Gati, Assessing Threats to U.S. National Security
97/04/07 Burns, Special Briefing on Bilateral Meeting between Secretary Albright and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
97/04/07 Oakley, Remarks to the UNA-USA National Council
97/04/07 Oakley, Remarks to the UNA-USA National Council
97/04/07 Twaddell, Remarks at Town Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana
97/04/09 West, Statement Before House Committee
97/04/10 Burns, Special Briefing on Bilateral Meeting between Secretary Albright and Saeb Erakat and Abu Mazen of the Palestinian Delegation
97/04/10 Bader, Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs
97/04/10 Rubin, The Violation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Any Part of the World
97/04/14 Shattuck, Human Rights Defenders
97/04/14 Shattuck, Press Briefing Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland
97/04/14 Smith, Rights of the Child
97/04/15 Reis, U.S.-Japan Relations
97/04/15 Shattuck, Statement on China's No Action Motion
97/04/23 Bader, Statement before the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs
97/04/24 Bader, Statement before the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs
97/04/28 Davidow, Remarks on U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Latin America
97/04/28 Burns, Briefing after Bilateral Meeting
97/04/30 Wilcox, Terrorism Report Briefing
97/04/30 Ranneberger, Remarks to Governor's Free Cuba Task Force


97/05/03 Ranneberger, Remarks on Cuba News Coverage
97/05/06 Talbott, Remarks to the U.S.-EU Conference on Bridging the Atlantic
97/05/06 Wirth, Testimony on Coral Reefs
97/05/07 Brazeal, U.S. Relations With Indonesia
97/05/09 Burns, Public Diplomacy
97/05/13 Bader, U.S. Policy Toward Tibet
97/05/14 Hamilton, Statement on U.S.-Caribbean Relations
97/05/14 Sullivan, Statement on Haiti
97/05/15 McKune, Testimony
97/05/15 Moose, Testimony
97/05/21 Bader, China Prison Labor Products
97/05/23 Oakley, Address on Women's Role in the New Age of Globalization
97/05/24 Burns, Commencement Address
97/05/29 Burns, North Atlantic Council Ministerial Meeting
97/05/30 Claussen, Statement at Pre-Earth Summit Forest Gathering


97/06/03 Wirth, Western Hemisphere Defense Environmental Conference
97/06/04 Wirth, Environmental Protection
97/06/05 Larson, Remarks on China MFN
97/06/06 Wirth, Independent World Commission on the Oceans
97/06/10 Pomerance, Remarks before the Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives
97/06/11 Oakley, Address at Ewha Woman's University
97/06/17 Colonel G. K. Cunningham, Jane's Conference on Mines and Unexploded Ordnance: Spending and Technology Priorities, Washington (A View on Mine Action)
97/06/18 Eizenstat, Remarks before the Senate on U.S. Trade with Asia
97/06/18 Bader, Congressional Testimony on U.S. Policy Toward Vietnam
97/06/19 Wirth, Testimony on Climate Change
97/06/20 Eizenstat, Address on Building the Transatlantic Marketplace
97/06/23 Lynch, Statement on Reproductive Health for Refugees
97/06/25 Hamilton, Central America


97/07/08 Foley, Statement on the Meeting of Secretary Albright with Greek Foreign Minister Pangalos and Turkish Foreign Minister Cem
97/07/09 Davidow, International Drug Control Policy
97/07/10 Holzman, Opening Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/07/10 Frank, Opening Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/07/10 Inderfurth, Opening Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/07/15 Wirth, Subcommittee on Energy and Power
97/07/16 Eizenstat, Special Briefing on the Helms Burton Act
97/07/16 Eizenstat, Statement on Suspension of Title III of Libertad Act, July 15, 1997
97/07/16 Brazeal, Testimony on Cambodia
97/07/17 Kornblum, Statement on the Madrid Summit
97/07/21 Talbott, Address on American Policy in the Caucasus and Central Asia
97/07/22 Davidow, Testimony on The Free Trade of the Americas
97/07/22 Shattuck, on Religious Freedom -- Christians
97/07/22 Davidow, Remarks on Free Trade of Americas
97/07/22 Roth, Confirmation Hearing Statement
97/07/24 Wirth, Climate Change
97/07/28 McCallie/McCracken, Briefing on African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI)
97/07/28 Davidow, Remarks to the American Enterprise Institute and Friedrich Hayek University
97/07/28 Pickering, Remarks to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee on U.S. Policy in the Middle East
97/07/31 Oakley, Statement before the Senate on the President's Proposal for the FY 1998 Refugee Admissions Program


97/08/06 Gelbard/Holbrooke, Press Conference following meetings, Split, Croatia
97/08/06 Gelbard/Holbrooke, Statement following meetings, Split, Croatia
97/08/08 Gelbard/Holbrooke, Interview at NTV Studio B, Belgrade
97/08/08 Gelbard/Holbrooke, Press Conference following meeting at the National Museum, Sarajevo
97/08/09 Gelbard and Holbrooke, Press Conference in Belgrade
97/08/09 Pickart, Address to the Network of South Asian Professionals
97/08/29 Wirth, Science and Technology in Foreign Affairs


97/09/04 Roth, Testimony on Cambodia
97/09/09 Shattuck, Testimony on Religious Persecution
97/09/11 Pomerance, Testimony on Forest and Forest Health
97/09/11 Rice, Opening Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/09/11 Eizenstat, Remarks on the New Transatlantic Agenda
97/09/15 Wirth, Our Global Future: Climate Change
97/09/17 Roth, Testimony on China
97/09/17 Shattuck, Testimony on Democracy in Asia
97/09/18 Talbott, East Meets West
97/09/19 Talbott, Address on The Emergence of a New Russia
97/09/19 Scheffer, The Future of the International Criminal Justice System
97/09/19 Pickering, U.S. Policy in the Middle East
97/09/22 Inderfurth, Excerpts from Press Briefings on U.S. Relations with India and Pakistan
97/09/23 Boggs, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/09/23 Parris, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/09/23 Rubin, Press Briefing at UNGA
97/09/24 Rubin, Press Briefing during the Secretary's Attendance at 52nd UNGA
97/09/24 Rubin, Q&A on Middle East Housing in Efrat
97/09/24 Eizenstat, Remarks on Fast Track
97/09/25 Rubin, Press Briefing during the Secretary's Attendance at the UNGA
97/09/25 Rubin, Press Remarks at UNGA
97/09/29 Rubin, Press Briefing During the Secretary's Attendance at the UNGA


97/10/00 Grossman, Statement on NATO Enlargement
97/10/01 Talbott, Remarks on Democracy and Human Rights
97/10/03 Grossman, Address on Advancing Stability and Integration in Southeastern Europe
97/10/08 Davidow, Relationship with South America
97/10/09 Eizenstat, Address on Economic Partnership with Egypt and Economic Dimension of Peace in the Region
97/10/09 Wirth, Testimony on Climate Change
97/10/13 Oakley, U.S. Plenery Statement
97/10/14 Roth, U.S.-China Relations
97/10/15 Roth, Growth and Stability in East Asia
97/10/15 Roth, Stability in the Asia-Pacific Region
97/10/16 Oakley, U.S. Statement on Protection
97/10/20 Talbott, Bridging the Foreign Policy Gap
97/10/22 Inderfurth, Statement on U.S. Interest and Policy Goals in South Asia
97/10/22 Rice, Remarks at Swearing-in Ceremony
97/10/22 Inderfurth, Statement on Conditions in Afghanistan
97/10/23 Miller, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/10/23 Hall, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/10/23 Fried, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/10/23 Tufo, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/10/23 Rosapepe, Statement at Confirmation Hearing
97/10/23 Eizenstat, Testimony on Sanctions
97/10/23 Eizenstat, Testimony on Caspian Energy
97/10/27 Eizenstat, Remarks on the Doha Economic Conference
97/10/29 Grossman, Statement on the U.S. Relationship with Europe
97/10/29 Davidow, Statement on U.S.-Mexico Counternarcotics Cooperation
97/10/30 Ramsay, Testimony before the Senate on Implementation of the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act
97/10/30 Wirth, Biodiversity: The Year 2007
97/10/31 Grossman, Remarks to the U.S.-Spain Council on U.S.-Spanish Direct Investment
97/10/31 Inderfurth, Press Briefing on Landmine Policy


97/11/03 Kreczko, Statement to the UN General Assembly on the report of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
97/11/05 Wirth, Testimony on President's Proposal on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
97/11/06 Wolf, Statement on The United States and APEC 1997
97/11/07 Foley, U.S.-Japan Relations
97/11/12 Indyk, Remarks on The Gulf, U.S. Policy and Peace
97/11/12 Wirth, Press Conference on the Kyoto Conference on Climate Change
97/11/13 Scheffer, Proposed Permanent International Criminal Court
97/11/13 Davidow, et al, Remarks at U.S.-Mexico Treaty-Signing Ceremony
97/11/14 Rice, A New Partnership for the 21st Century
97/11/17 Wirth, Remarks on International Environmental Cooperation
97/11/17 Ranneberger, U.S. Policy Toward Cuba.
97/11/18 Johnstone, Strategic Planning and International Affairs in the 21st Century
97/11/18 Pickering, Remarks before Conference Series on International Affairs in the 21st Century
97/11/21 Gelbard, Address on second anniversary of signing of the Dayton Peace Accords
97/11/26 Eizenstat, Interview on the Kyoto Conference on Climate Change


97/12/02 Colonel G. K. Cunningham, Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines and on Their Destruction, Ottawa, Canada (Mine Action Centers: The Fundamental Prerequisite for Success)
97/12/02 Jury, Remarks at the the U.S. Representative UN Relief and Works Agency Pledge Conference
97/12/03 Various, Press Briefing on Climate Change
97/12/04 Closing Plenary Statement at the London Conference on Nazi Gold
97/12/04 U.S. Delegation Briefing at Climate Conference, Kyoto
97/12/05 U.S. Delegation Briefing at Climate Conference, Kyoto
97/12/08 Davidow, Remarks to the Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Latin America
97/12/09 Talbott, Intervention at the Bonn Peace Implementation Conference
97/12/09 Eizenstat, Climate Change Conference, Kyoto, Press Briefing
97/12/11 Eizenstat, Press Briefing at the Climate Change Conference, Kyoto
97/12/15 Colonel G. K. Cunningham, James Madison University, Humanitarian Demining Information Center Conference, Harrisonburg, Virginia (A View of the Future of U.S. Humanitarian Demining Programs)
97/12/18 Talbott, Intervention at the OSCE Ministerial, Copenhagen
97/12/23 Wirth, Remarks on his Tenure at the State Department

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